Why will it be different?

Having somewhat redundantly reminded us how the British government has ignored every mandate won in every relevant election Mhairi Black asks “why on earth will it be any different after next year’s Holyrood election?” Her answer, more than somewhat disappointingly, is that we should keep on doing what we have been doing on all those other occasions when the mandates won be what we’ve been doing have been contemptuously brushed aside by the British political elite.

Her advice is that we should keep on “demonstrating that no matter how hard we try to change Westminster and the UK as a whole, Scotland will always be an afterthought and never the priority”. Meanwhile, there is absolutely no reason to believe that the British political elite will change its attitude as a result of por-independence activists continuing to do what pro-independence activists have been doing for many decades – demonstrating what should already be obvious to all but those who will deny any evidence to preserve their ‘precious’ Union.

The word from Mhairi Black seems to be that the SNP’s battle cry going into the 2021 Holyrood election might be mildly paraphrased as,

“Onward and onward! Then onward some more!”

Inspired? Nor I!

What we are not seeing is a single word about what the SNP intends to do with another mandate. Hopefully, the biggest one yet. There’s the boilerplate rhetoric urging Yes supporters to keep on doing what they have been doing and for the most part would continued to do without any urging from Mhairi Black or anyone else because they actually want Scotland’s independence restored. But there is not a single word about how the SNP in government intends to set about restoring Scotland’s independence.

What Mhairi does promise us is that Scotland shall continue to be treated with casual-to-vicious contempt by the British state. And that, we are assured, is a good thing. Because it gives the SNP in government an endless supply of slights and insults and abuses and denigrations to protest.

The problem an increasing number of Yes activists have is that they see no end to this. Worse! They see that the SNP is unable or unwilling to show them an end to it. The British state has an endless supply of slights and insults and abuses and denigrations. It can continue to provide these for as long as the SNP Scottish Government is content to run a grievance mill rather than the engine that will drive Scotland onward to independence. There is no end in sight. No end in prospect. No end planned. Not even the promise of an end.

Unless, that is, you accept the assurance that if we just keep on doing what we have always done and the British state keeps on doing what it has always done, then the Union will one day spontaneously collapse. What will make it collapse is not clear. What is clear is that the SNP is not proposing to do anything to precipitate that collapse.

Yes activists are frustrated and exasperated because they see no end. The SNP points excitedly to poll results as if these are what will make the difference. As if 60% or 65% or maybe 70% will be the magic tipping point at which the British state just gives up – without the SNP Scottish Government actually doing anything. But, just as increasing numbers of Yes activists see before them only an interminable cycle of campaigning for mandates that aren’t connected to any action, so they see themselves endlessly campaigning for better poll standings that aren’t connected to any process.

More and more Yes activists are looking for the action that will break the cycle and the process that will connect that hard-won support to the exercise of Scotland’s right of self-determination. A few have just given up completely. Some have gone off to search for a ‘holy grail’ solution in the courts or the electoral system. The sensible ones see that it’s all meaningless unless the SNP in government is prepared to take the action that Mhairi Black so conspicuously disdains to describe as she strives to convince us that it will be different after next year’s Holyrood election. Strives and, as far as this writer is concerned, totally fails.

It will only be different if we make it different. If we make it different! Not if we wait for the British state to make it different. Because we sure as hell ain’t gonna like the outcome of that! Not if we wait for the polls to make it different. Because like the much-hyped ‘super-majority’, polls can’t actually do anything to bring about the restoration of Scotland’s independence. Only an SNP Scottish Government can do that. Only an SNP Scottish Government with a ‘super-mandate’ can take the necessary action. Only an SNP Scottish Government can formulate, initiate and prosecute a democratic process that can lead to the restoration of Scotland’s rightful constitutional status.

Only an SNP preparing for government can connect Yes activists and public support to that process. Only if the SNP is openly preparing to be the government that is instrumental in restoring Scotland’s independence – only if the party declares an unshakable determination to take specific action for that purpose – will we all be able to see an end to the waiting and hoping and the disappointment and frustration.

That commitment to action must feature most prominently in the SNP’s manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Parliament election. Then the party will have a meaningful answer to Mhairi Black’s rhetorical question,

“So why on earth will it be any different after next year’s Holyrood election?”.

Because we are going to make it different.

13 thoughts on “Why will it be different?

  1. Excellent once again Peter and depressing as true. The SNP are too happy where they are, enjoying the positions they have and so only pay lip service to really trying for independence. They see a far easier and prosperous life as whingers about Westminster rather than the hard task of remodelling an independent country. I don’t see any progress till there is a clear out of the fat and happy leadership in the SNP, they have gone native.

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  2. It seems from Blacks words that what the SNP intends to do with another mandate is abundantly clear: absolutely nothing at all.

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  3. Thanks Peter! I also read in the National that Nicola Sturgeon has found time to stop focussing solely on Covid-19 to try again to save Greater England from a hard Brexit. So she does have time to focus on two matters. Whining to save Greater England is the second, not getting Scotland out of Greater England. With the Scottish Parliament about to be bowdlerised by the Internal Market Bill, it seems to me that getting Scotland out of that should be her second focus.

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  4. I would say the Road to Utopia ends with “platitudinous and patronizing pronouncements.”

    Mhairi Black was all for storming the barricades , now she realizes (along with the rest of her hierarchy) that trudging through mud saps the strength and depletes morale.

    This era-defining landslide that is predicted in May 2021, will no doubt peter out into the usual turnout and another 5 years of SNP rule.

    By 2026 that will be nigh on 2 decades of Government.
    And all the allure of radical change and idealism will be well washed away by then.


  5. Agreed , the super mandate manifesto must be the new gold standard way to go , section 30 is a chimera to be eschewed .

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  6. So you’re not resigned to it Peter? Great.

    But you keep telling us that the SNP is the only answer and that the only sane course is (once again) to vote SNP 1 & 2.

    You appear to have faith that somehow the ordinary party membership will make the super tanker of policy perform a handbrake turn. That sounds like a great idea, if it weren’t for the fact the ordinary members have made precious little progress to date, and show very little inclination to storm the gradualist we-nat redoubt any time soon.

    How are “we” going to make it different? My plan is not to vote SNP. I no longer trust them, nor would I campaign shoulder to shoulder with some of the chancers and Woko Haram purists infesting their ranks.

    For the many folk who feel as I do (even if we do represent a relatively small % in the general scheme of things) there really isn’t much choice. The SNP aren’t going to deliver a referendum any time soon, probably not until the late 2020’s given their acceptance of an effective Westminster veto.

    I know you have an unreasoning hatred of splittists and pop-up parties, but surely the time has come to start thinking about a “real” independence party – because it’s becoming pretty obvious that the SNP isn’t it.


    1. I have never said that people should vote SNP1&2. It’s not my place to tell people how to use their vote. I do see it as my place to do what I can to ensure voters are enabled to make informed choices.

      As your comment is based on a false premise, I didn’t bother reading further.


  7. Mhairi Black is a fraud she is not in politics for independence, like all too many others of her ilk who’s infested the SNP with her sick twisted beliefs, the problem is they pretend to be on our side because they need our votes and we have no one else to vote for and the sooner we do the better


  8. It’s the job of the yes campaigners to push the SNP and force their hand. Or should we accept another 300 years of subservience. Make the SNP do their job and stand up for Scotland.

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