For the sake of justice

It is difficult now to imagine an independence campaign that hasn't been forced to carry the burden of myriad policy agendas and a host of single-issue crusades. Difficult, but not impossible. I've been doing it for several decades. The political left in Scotland, and those who seek to appeal to the political left, generally insist … Continue reading For the sake of justice

Gradualism is dead! Devolution is dead!

The SNP has been following a gradualist approach to the constitutional issue since before the Scottish Parliament was reconvened. Never more gradualist than the last eight years under Sturgeon's 'leadership'. What is not generally understood even by its most ardent proponents - and certainly not by Ben Macpherson - is that the end-point of the … Continue reading Gradualism is dead! Devolution is dead!

We can be heroes!

It is no secret that I deplore the Section 30 process. That is to say, the process by which the First Minister of Scotland, acting on behalf of the sovereign people of Scotland, petitions the British Prime Minister to grant conditional consent that the sovereign people of Scotland exercise their inalienable right to determine the … Continue reading We can be heroes!

It’s the constitution, stupid!

It is gratifying to hear Robbie Mochrie acknowledge that making an economic case for independence is pointless. Restoring Scotland's independence is indeed a purely political project. More precisely, a constitutional project. There can be no economic case against independence. Inadequacy of political, economic, social or educational preparedness should never serve as a pretext for delaying … Continue reading It’s the constitution, stupid!

Independence! Nothing less!

When was the last time we heard anything so unequivocal from the SNP? On the basis of these words alone, everyone who has a vote should be giving Ash Regan their most serious consideration. And everyone who is committed to the restoration of Scotland's independence should be offering their support. Below is Ash Regan's statement … Continue reading Independence! Nothing less!

The summit to reach

In the previous article we looked at the current state of play in the fight to restore Scotland's independence (A mountain to climb). Stephen Duncan's analysis of polling on support for Yes presented a daunting picture for whoever replaces Nicola Sturgeon as de facto leader of the independence movement. Especially when, as well as the … Continue reading The summit to reach

A mountain to climb

Unsurprisingly, Scotland's media ─ mainstream, alternative and social ─ is awash with speculation about who will be Nicola Sturgeon's successor as SNP leader, First Minister and de facto head on the independence movement now that she has chosen to step down. Much of this speculation is poorly informed, based on no more than a potential … Continue reading A mountain to climb

The reset button beckons

One of the things that happens when a political leader steps down is that everybody (and it certainly seems like it is literally everybody) turns to poring over their resignation speech dissecting and examining it looking for clues as to the real reason the politician in question is quitting. The one thing most seem to … Continue reading The reset button beckons

A Rip van Winkle moment

This morning at about half past nine, I succumbed to one of the episodes of extreme fatigue which have plagued me since I had a bout of Covid some months ago. Fellow sufferers will surely sympathise. The onset of this extraordinary tiredness can be sudden and the effects debilitating. Today's episode was undoubtedly the worst … Continue reading A Rip van Winkle moment

The question for conference

The question of whether the public wants Nicola Sturgeon to remain as First Minister is quite distinct from the question of whether her remaining is what best serves Scotland's cause. Or for that matter, what best serves Scotland. Clearly, there is no appetite either within the SNP or among the general public for Sturgeon to … Continue reading The question for conference