Last chance?

Pete Wishart provoked a small Twitter stooshie (Twooshie?) with a Tweet celebrating the departure of Liz Truss. Though even he is astute enough to recognise that the celebrations may be short-lived as there could be worse to come. Anyone who asks how that's possible really hasn't been paying attention for the last several years. But … Continue reading Last chance?

The barren, unchanging landscape

There are three points that your resident realist must make about The National's predictably breathless report of the latest polling before the Sturgeon claque arrives littering the place with streamers and drowning out all pragmatism with their shrill fantasies and hymns to the anointed one. Firstly, noting Professor John Curtice's comments regarding the fall in … Continue reading The barren, unchanging landscape

Saving Scotland

"We are not four separate nations…" - Liz Truss The British Prime Minister-in-waiting could hardly be more explicit about the 'One Nation' British Nationalist agenda she intends to pursue. British politicians are now quite openly denying Scotland's existence as a nation. What is true for Scotland also applies to the rest of the periphery. Only … Continue reading Saving Scotland