Criminally insane?

Abbi Garton-Crosbie has had a busy week. By my count she has four pieces in today's Sunday National all dealing with the SNP's commitment to a new referendum and independence. Three of those articles look at the paper's research exercise which examined SNP politicians' Tweets over the period around the Scottish Parliament election looking for … Continue reading Criminally insane?

An independent Yes movement

SNP/Yes video In what looks very much like a characteristically belated, panicked and inadequate response to increasing criticism of lack of action on the constitutional issue, the SNP has released the above video with a level of fanfare that certainly isn't warranted by the content - or lack thereof. The Tweet promoting the video opens … Continue reading An independent Yes movement

No resistance

Once again I must remind everybody that it is not the Tories but the British political elite as an institution which is mounting this 'assault on devolution'. Much the same would be happening regardless of which party was in power at Westminster. British Nationalism - including even the more extreme variants of that vile ideology … Continue reading No resistance

Yes movement slams SNP

Not really! It simply occurred to me when I saw yet another "SNP slams" headline in the Sunday National how weary I am of reading about the SNP/Scottish Government condemning the behaviour of the British government and how much I long to see Scotland's only pro-independence newspaper better reflect the full range of opinion across … Continue reading Yes movement slams SNP

Holyrood has to go!

Imperatives, options and constraints. Figure out these three things and you can predict what any political actor is going to do with a very high degree of certainty. The future is not a complete mystery. The present and recent past are littered with clues. Examine those clues as dispassionately as you may and the future … Continue reading Holyrood has to go!

The useful appendage

That England-as-Britain "pays so little attention, has so little interest and care really for Scotland, other than as a useful appendage" was as true in 2014 as it is now. That didn't deter Professor AC Grayling from participating in the woeful celebrity photo-op that was the 'let's stay together' campaign. England-as-Britain's disdain for Scotland had … Continue reading The useful appendage

It’s what they do

Kevin McKenna is correct, of course. The proposal to extend the franchise in a future independence referendum to non-resident 'Scots' is nothing more than a far from subtle attempt to smear Scotland's independence movement with the tar-brush of ethnic nationalism. He is wrong, however, to portray this as a particularly Tory ploy. It would be … Continue reading It’s what they do

A knotty problem? Or not a problem?

We’re at a point now where procrastination just won’t cut it any more, where tinkering at the edges of single issues that only affect a tiny minority but make certain people look terribly “progressive” in the eyes of an even tinier bubble won’t get us to our destination.And it certainly won’t answer the big questions … Continue reading A knotty problem? Or not a problem?