Tell us something new!

In common with all her colleagues in the SNP, Shona Robison is very good at describing the problem and stating the solution. Where she and they fail completely is in describing how they intend to connect present reality to the solution of restoring Scotland's independence. The Scottish parties - and in this I include SNP, … Continue reading Tell us something new!

An open letter to Humza Yousaf

First Minister You are reported to have declared that there has "never been a more important time" for Scottish independence. Assuming this comment to have been made with due sincerity and full awareness of the perilousness of our nation's predicament, may I - on behalf of all who agree with you - make a suggestion … Continue reading An open letter to Humza Yousaf

Gone, but not forgotten

She may be gone from high office, but as Lesley Riddoch demonstrates, the stultifying miasma of the Sturgeon Doctrine still clings to many of the 'leading figures' in the independence movement. An essential part of this doctrine is the notion that there is a long game to be played and what the rest of us … Continue reading Gone, but not forgotten

The fascist threat

This honest and heartfelt essay by Richard Murphy is all the more powerful for being totally accurate. His final point in particular is a welcome contribution to the constitutional debate. One of the most frustrating things about that debate at present is the large number of people who apparently remain stubbornly oblivious to the nature … Continue reading The fascist threat

What a plan looks like

We don't need a constitutional convention to "break the “constitutional logjam” following the decision of the Supreme Court that Holyrood does not have powers to hold a referendum". We need only ask the very obvious question our politicians and the biggest part of the Yes movement is dancing around. How does the Scottish Parliament acquire … Continue reading What a plan looks like