What happens next?

For a process to exist there must always be an answer to the question, what happens next? So, Yes wins by a comfortable margin in the proposed referendum ─ what happens next? More specifically, what happens next in the series of linked actions which form the process leading to the restoration of Scotland's independence? If … Continue reading What happens next?

The future is grim! The future is Tory!

British Labour Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner's remarks about Scotland as reported in The National (Scottish independence 'not very nice' and means 'perpetual' Tory rule) raise some highly relevant and very significant issues. It is unfortunate that she herself seems quite oblivious to this relevance and significance. I see nothing to suggest that she has given … Continue reading The future is grim! The future is Tory!

The British are coming!

Regardless of which rat emerges victorious from the sack of the Tory leadership fight, the next British government will be the most brutally anti-Scottish administration since the military occupation of Scotland after Culloden. They may not come swinging swords and cudgels, but their purpose will be the same as it was then ─ to eradicate … Continue reading The British are coming!

A decade later…

Reading the recent utterances from the surviving rats in the Tory leadership sack I was reminded of an article I wrote almost exactly a decade ago (What does no really mean?) speculating as to what a No vote in the coming referendum might imply for Scotland. The following passage seems particularly prophetic in light of … Continue reading A decade later…

Independence is radical

Writing in The National today, Professor Gregor Gall refers to 'independence first' as if it were both a choice and an alternative to progressive radicalism ('Independence first'? Or is radical the way to win hearts and minds for Yes?). It is not. Constitutional justice is the essential precondition for social justice. The latter can only … Continue reading Independence is radical

Yes Campaign

I attended only the Friday panel session of the 3-day Scottish Sovereignty Research Group (SSRG) Conference which comes to an end today (Sunday). I did so reluctantly. In part, this was for personal reasons. I am distinctly uncomfortable with the thought of crowds these days, partly as a hangover from Covid precautions and partly just … Continue reading Yes Campaign

The Manifesto for Independence and Scottish UDI

Remarks to the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group (SSRG) Conference 29/07/2022 First, the Manifesto for Independence. Not Manifesto for Indy. Although they had the same origin they are quite different. The Manifesto for Independence sets out the essentials of the process of restoring Scotland's independence in four steps - plus one. The plus one isn't really … Continue reading The Manifesto for Independence and Scottish UDI