Don’t read this! Read that!

No great political sophistication is required to intuit that when a politician says we should be looking at this thing it's because they don't want us looking at that thing. Everybody knows that when a politician insists on answering what they refer to as the 'real' question rather than the question they've been asked it's … Continue reading Don’t read this! Read that!

There’s aye somethin’!

Let me make one thing clear from the outset. I fully recognise the crucial nature of the climate crisis. I was persuaded by James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis long before climate change became the stuff of mainstream media interest and global political significance. Nor am I one to minimise the not unrelated issue of zoonotic pathogens … Continue reading There’s aye somethin’!

Now is the time!

The closing paragraphs of James Kelly's analysis of the latest full-scale Scottish poll from Redfield & Wilton Strategies fully explain why we need to be at Holyrood when the Scottish Parliament resumes on the afternoon of Tuesday 31 August to tell the Scottish government that "now is the time". They show no sign of deciding … Continue reading Now is the time!

Combination is the key

The following started off as a reply to somebody on Facebook wanting to know what they could do to put pressure on Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government in order to force them to act on the constitutional issue. I had been meaning to write something about this anyway. This will serve. Other than shrugging … Continue reading Combination is the key

The immaculate innocence of journalists?

A recent piece on the excellent Lallands Peat Worrier blog contained the following less than flattering assessment of mainstream political journalism,Understanding the politics of devolution increasingly demands that we understand the law of devolution. Regrettably, most of our key commentators and opinion formers still haven't the nearest, foggiest clue about how the powers and reservations … Continue reading The immaculate innocence of journalists?

Lib Dems: SNP could gain independence by back door

The SNP could still gain “independence by the back door” through an “ultra extreme” form of devolution in a post-election deal, Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie will say tonight.Peter A Bell's insight:Willie Rennie is known as someone who is a considerable way short of being the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. But, continuing the … Continue reading Lib Dems: SNP could gain independence by back door

Major city devolution summit to be held in Glasgow

A MAJOR summit on devolution to UK cities will take place in Glasgow next month, it has been announced.Peter A Bell's insight:If we were not already justifiably wary of the new-found enthusiasm for localism among British politicians then Gordon Matheson’s ill-judged remarks should serve as a warning. Unable to conceal his hatred of the Scottish … Continue reading Major city devolution summit to be held in Glasgow