Where’s the plan?

Alba will get no disagreement from me that we've had enough and it's time for independence. But I'd like to know how they intend that this should happen. Getting answers to such questions from Alba is no easier than getting a sensible response from the SNP to criticism of Nicola Sturgeon's 'plan'. We've had eight … Continue reading Where’s the plan?

A true independence party?

Reading The Sunday National's preview of Alex Salmond's address to the Alba Party conference, one two-word phrase leapt out at me ─ "agreed referendum". Ominous words indeed to anybody who adheres to the principle of popular sovereignty. Because what that little phrase actually refers to is a Section 30 referendum. Which is to say, a … Continue reading A true independence party?

Salmond asks sensible questions

It is difficult to disagree with the general thrust of Alex Salmond's remarks. Unless, that is, you are to be counted among the mindless mob who insist that neither Nicola Sturgeon nor the SNP should be subject to any meaningful scrutiny. The coalition of the cretinous who get incandescently offended if someone suggests their leader … Continue reading Salmond asks sensible questions

On my calendar

Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of what I regard as a highly significant day in Scotland's history. 15 years ago today, Scotland got its first government of the democratic era. On Monday 3 September 2007 the Scottish Executive became the Scottish Government ─ officially even if not legally. Some dismiss this as a mere cosmetic … Continue reading On my calendar

Who will lead us?

George Kerevan rightly points out that "a strategy that relies on gentle persuasion and infinite patience is not going to work with the Johnson clique". It is certain that there is no route to the restoration of Scotland's independence which does not pass through a point at which there is direct and acrimonious confrontation with … Continue reading Who will lead us?


We now focus our full energies on developing the independence case in anticipation of the referendum vowed next year.Alex Salmond This is precisely what the SNP is doing. And what the Scottish Green Party is doing. And what the Independence for Scotland party is doing. And what countless other pro-independence parties and organisations and groups … Continue reading WE WILL LOSE!

Advantage and how to waste it

Big changes are only hope of survival for Alex Salmond's Alba party George Kerevan It was ever thus, George. It was ever thus. Alba Party was doomed from the outset. It was never going to amount to so much as the merest shadow of what the party's members had convinced themselves it could be. But … Continue reading Advantage and how to waste it

Three or four questions

Alex Salmond is doubtless correct to say that the grotesque anomaly of being an energy-rich nation that gets poorer during a time of energy supply pressures is the “biggest single economic and social issue linked to the constitutional question since the poll tax”. Although I might have said since Brexit. I would, however, question whether … Continue reading Three or four questions

Somewhere under the greynbow

The somewhere was Dunfermline. Greynbow is my agonisingly contrived but even more painfully appropriate term for the assortment of speakers assembled to address a gathering of independence supporters and activists at the Duloch Leisure Centre yesterday afternoon (Sunday 10 April). All credit to the organisers, they did well to get these people to share a … Continue reading Somewhere under the greynbow

Clinging to reality

Regular readers will be well aware that I am no supporter of the Alba Party. I regard it as a powerless and therefore pointless distraction from the focus that Scotland's cause requires. Alex Salmond's new party needlessly dilutes the effort to pressure the SNP+SGP/Scottish Government into taking the action required if Scotland's independence is to … Continue reading Clinging to reality