The bright side

Tomorrow is Saturday 18 September 2021. At 07:00 tomorrow it will be precisely seven years since polling places across Scotland opened their doors at the start of what was surely the most significant democratic event in our nation's history. For the subsequent fifteen hours the people of Scotland held in their hands something close to … Continue reading The bright side

Don’t read this! Read that!

No great political sophistication is required to intuit that when a politician says we should be looking at this thing it's because they don't want us looking at that thing. Everybody knows that when a politician insists on answering what they refer to as the 'real' question rather than the question they've been asked it's … Continue reading Don’t read this! Read that!

Leader wanted

Nicola Sturgeon does good speeches. She is renowned for her communication skills. Skills which have stood her - and the nation - in good stead during a public health crisis which demanded the best of Scotland's First Minister. Her opponents-for-the-sake-of-it scoff and sneer and dismiss her role as mere presentation. Such people are stupid, of … Continue reading Leader wanted

The ‘iferendum’!

As she set out her Programme for Government Nicola Sturgeon was at great pains to ensure that her get-out clause on the constitutional issue was not just placed on the public record but hammered into it. By my count the official transcript of her statement refers to 'Covid/pandemic' around twenty times while 'independence' and 'referendum' … Continue reading The ‘iferendum’!

Softly! Softly! Get eaten by the f***ing monkeys!

I have news for those who continue to insist that the way to "win" what they apparently think of as the "prize" of independence is by using gentle persuasion and more facts and better answers to lure 'soft Nos' towards Yes. The news is that there are no conclusive answers there are no persuasive facts … Continue reading Softly! Softly! Get eaten by the f***ing monkeys!

No evil mastermind

Kevin McKenna has just been promoted to the SNP/Sturgeon loyalists' hate list. If he wasn't high on that list before he most certainly is after his excoriating summation of the state of the party and the Yes movement in The National today (Why Nicola Sturgeon must step up and lead a divided Yes movement). None … Continue reading No evil mastermind

Now is the time!

The closing paragraphs of James Kelly's analysis of the latest full-scale Scottish poll from Redfield & Wilton Strategies fully explain why we need to be at Holyrood when the Scottish Parliament resumes on the afternoon of Tuesday 31 August to tell the Scottish government that "now is the time". They show no sign of deciding … Continue reading Now is the time!

Flexible language

The creature desperately trying to maintain human form has generously conceded that the British state which he serves will respect the "settled will" of Scotland's people. Or at least that's what you'd suppose were you to read only the headline in The National - Michael Gove: Independence referendum will go ahead if it's 'settled will' … Continue reading Flexible language