A blancmange is not a brick

Once again, I am perplexed that Joanna Cherry shows not the slightest concern for what kind of referendum is being discussed. She appears to attach no importance at all to the form of the referendum that the UKSC is being asked about. It's as if anything that has the words 'independence' and 'referendum' attached is … Continue reading A blancmange is not a brick

What are you prepared to do?

British Prime Minister (pro tem) Liz Truss's statement that the referendum proposed by the Scottish Government should not happen even if it is deemed lawful by the UK Supreme Court (UKSC) has provoked a predictably hostile response from the Yes movement. That the Yes movement should be so united in condemnation of Truss's remarks is … Continue reading What are you prepared to do?

No place for honesty

In case you hadn't heard, there's an All Under One Banner (AUOB) march and rally in Edinburgh today. Having tested positive for Covid, I will not be able to attend. My feelings about that are somewhat mixed. Part of me wants to be there because I recognise the importance of making the independence movement visible. … Continue reading No place for honesty

The bright, sharp point!

It seems there was a lot of solid good sense being talked at this Yes Falkirk event. Especially about getting away from the endless, pointless, corrosive disputes around policy and the necessarily futile search for answers to unanswerable questions. Only by focusing exclusively and intently on the core issue - restoring Scotland's independence - will … Continue reading The bright, sharp point!

The downward spiral

Richard Murphy may well be correct in suspecting that Truss and Kwarteng purposefully engineered an economic crisis (or should we say a severe spike in the endless crisis of the economic system) in order to justify a massive round of privatisations. (Liz Truss 'might want economic crisis to prepare NHS for privatisation') The idea is … Continue reading The downward spiral

Where is the remedy?

There is a fundamental flaw in the SNP's Supreme Court submission on the independence referendum. As an argument that the people of Scotland have the right of self-determination and that this right is inalienable, the intervention works well. The problem lies in the fact that two different understandings of the right of self-determination are presented, … Continue reading Where is the remedy?