A welcome change?

It seems it's not just the unions that are changing. Lesley Riddoch tells us that developments in the trade union movement mean that "tired, hesitant, pen-pushing bureaucrats are out" while "activist, articulate, no-nonsense leaders" are in, and that this has lessons for the Yes movement. If that includes Nicola Sturgeon - and some of us … Continue reading A welcome change?

The horizon or beyond?

The principle of Scotland's right of self-determination is of little worth or utility if there is no process by which that principle can be put into practice and the right exercised. After the principle comes the plan. Which is also dependent on process. Without a process, the plan doesn't even qualify as a plan. It … Continue reading The horizon or beyond?

The finger on the button

Executive chairman of ­Renaissance Care and co-founder of the pro-Union group Scottish Business UK, Robert Kilgour maintains that "there is no reason why a group of us in ­business shouldn’t challenge" proposed legislation enabling the exercise of Scotland's right of self-determination. Equally, there is no reason why a group of consumers should not challenge those … Continue reading The finger on the button

To crawl or walk tall?

Should a person walk upright? Does that immediately strike you as a daft question? A question which insults intelligence and offends reason? It should! Walking upright is normal. It is natural. Why would you ask people to express a view on whether human beings should walk upright? Surely the assumption should be that everyone wants … Continue reading To crawl or walk tall?

Information is not enough

Mike Russell does a fine job of setting out the choice facing the people of Scotland. He is rather stating the obvious when he observes that "the UK political and media establishment, dripping with privilege and disdainful of democracy, will try to stop us making that choice, using all their malign tricks and lies". Which … Continue reading Information is not enough