Timeline and gameplan

The timeline for restoring Scotland's independence is not a matter of choice. If bold, decisive action is not taken to initiate an equally bold and decisive process before the next UK general election, we may find ourselves in a situation even more precarious than now. Who can now doubt that the next UK general election … Continue reading Timeline and gameplan

The other UDI

For many years now - since long before the first independence referendum - I have been warning that the ultimate aim of the British state is to lock Scotland into a 'reformed' Union, unilaterally altered and imposed on Scotland without consultation or consent. A Spanish-style constitution which proclaims the UK to be a single nation … Continue reading The other UDI

Our first priority

One can hardly argue against the kind of improvements to our existing democratic institutions and processes suggested by Joanna Cherry. However, we should acknowledge the potential difficulty this presents in the fight to restore Scotland's independence. "Use the powers you have!" is a well-worn line used by Unionists. On the face of it, Ms Cherry … Continue reading Our first priority

Decolonising the mind

If you're thinking in terms of "grounds" for #ScottishUDI you still haven't got the mindset right. We do not need "grounds". We need only the will of Scotland's people. We don't need to justify ourselves to anybody. We are the sovereign people of Scotland. We are accountable to nobody. For generations, we have been conditioned … Continue reading Decolonising the mind

An unremarked contradiction

I really do wish The National and others would stop referring to it as an "independence referendum". The referendum proposed by Nicola Sturgeon is not an independence referendum. Not in the sense of being a referendum on restoring Scotland's independence. Not in the sense of being a referendum which might lead to the restoration of … Continue reading An unremarked contradiction

We must reclaim that which is ours!

The Union is the constitutional device by which the people of Scotland are denied the full and proper exercise of their sovereignty. The Union imposes the alien principle of parliamentary sovereignty and gives it precedence over Scotland's tradition of popular sovereignty. Independence can only be restored by means of an impeccably democratic event which stands … Continue reading We must reclaim that which is ours!

Pick your poison (edited)

I have been looking at the persisting contenders for the role of British Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister trying to make up my mind which was worst from Scotland's perspective, and I am quite unable to decide. It's like having a choice of what you want in your coffee - cyanide, botulinum, anthrax, … Continue reading Pick your poison (edited)