Three or four questions

Alex Salmond is doubtless correct to say that the grotesque anomaly of being an energy-rich nation that gets poorer during a time of energy supply pressures is the “biggest single economic and social issue linked to the constitutional question since the poll tax”. Although I might have said since Brexit. I would, however, question whether … Continue reading Three or four questions

The millstone of policy

I never cease to be taken aback by the number of people who voluntarily join discussions on social media fully determined that they will not be influenced by the discussion they're joining. What is the point? Those who are open to having their views modified through engagement with others seem to be the exception. But … Continue reading The millstone of policy

Time is tight

Attempting to sum up the SNP/Alba false dilemma within the confines of a single Tweet I recently stated that the SNP is not currently effective in terms of restoring Scotland's independence but is the only party that can be effective within the relevant time frame. Alba Party is not currently effective in terms of restoring … Continue reading Time is tight

Collective strength and effective power

Gerry Hassan aspires to a "shared, pooled, dispersed version of sovereignty which cascaded power throughout Scotland, rather than hoarding it to Edinburgh" and insists that it's a mistake to suppose we can't begin to realise the aspiration this side of Scotland's independence being restored. I fear it is he who is mistaken. And it's a … Continue reading Collective strength and effective power

Handicapping women

Personally, I felt that the Mail on Sunday piece about Angela Rayner using her womanly attribute to distract the malignant child clown occupying the role of British Prime Minister was too ludicrous to be taken too seriously. I understand that to the extent that it is symptomatic of entrenched sexism it must be condemned. But … Continue reading Handicapping women

Entitlement and hypocrisy

Chris McEleny says "I think that’s what people are sick of in politics, the entitlement.". I think Chris will find that people are just as sick of the hypocrisy. The entitlement to which he refers is nowhere more evident than in Alba Party's attitude to elections and voters. Alongside the fantastical nonsense about a 'supermajority', … Continue reading Entitlement and hypocrisy

Machiavelli in the mirror

Fourteen hundred words to tell us Douglas Ross is a fool. Which surely most of us had already noticed. We might wonder how such an obvious bungler manages to attain even the very minor prominence of being leader-like-thing of the British Conservative and Unionist Party in Scotland (BCUPS). I think I may know the answer … Continue reading Machiavelli in the mirror