Reasons to be doubtful

But the question is no longer whether Scotland could afford to be a successful independent country – the question now is whether we can afford not to be independent.Nicola Sturgeon, November 2021 From an article published on my blog in June 2020. Some of us have for years been warning that the Union is inherently … Continue reading Reasons to be doubtful

Deep failure

Everything Joanna Cherry says about British Labour and Sir Keir Starmer is correct. But pointing out the utter uselessness of British Labour and its leader does seem to be stating the obvious. We rather take it for granted now that the supposed main opposition party will offer no meaningful opposition whatever to a regime which … Continue reading Deep failure

They’re all British!

My memory isn't reliable, but I'm fairly sure speculation about the imminent unraveling of Boris Johnson is something that has been a recurring theme in the media ever since he became British Prime Minister. My memory being so unreliable, I had to check, but that dark day was a mere 27 months ago. Is it … Continue reading They’re all British!

A choice explained

There is an important part of the Brexit saga (so far) which Mike Russell has omitted from his column in The National. It is easy to understand why. The SNP/Scottish government's abject failure to defend and protect Scotland against the insanity of Brexit is something those culpable would prefer to airbrush from history. That the … Continue reading A choice explained

Vote with your windows!

Today is the day the Saltire Strikes Back! In order to counter Boris Johnson's declared intention that as the world's eyes turn to Scotland for COP26 they should see only Union flags, White Rose Rising is today asking everyone who calls Scotland home to put a Saltire in their window. Let the world see Scotland … Continue reading Vote with your windows!

Oh, to be stupid!

Sometimes I envy the fantasists I so often criticise. I occasionally wish I could enjoy the Panglossian perspective of the Sturgeon/SNP loyalists who see the protracted dithering and supine inaction of the SNP/Scottish Government in the face of an accelerating British Nationalist onslaught as part of Nicola's Great Secret Plan to "win" Scotland's independence. I … Continue reading Oh, to be stupid!

What’s the point?

Alex Salmond is correct, of course. Having, to date, done absolutely nothing to progress Scotland's cause for the entirety of her incumbency as First Minister and SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon would be hard-pressed to have everything in place for a referendum in September(?) 2023. If the intention is to prepare an updated version of Scotland's … Continue reading What’s the point?

Look but don’t judge?

There's a lot of meaning packed into the closing pair of sentences of Kirsty Strickland's piece in The National. Much of it, I strongly suspect, very far from what Kirsty Strickland intended. The penultimate one contains an illogic which would be amusing were it not for the fact that it betrays such a worldview so … Continue reading Look but don’t judge?