Accepting the unacceptable

The British government's action in repealing the Fixed Term Parliaments Act may be "unacceptable", but like so many such actions in the past, it will be accepted by the SNP. Brendan O’Hara will make just enough fuss to get his name in the papers so his constituents get the impression he's doing something. But not … Continue reading Accepting the unacceptable

James Kelly: Stupid or dishonest?

I shall start with a couple of confessions. This article isn't really all about James Kelly. Filling an entire blog post with stuff about him would be a challenge even for someone as famously verbose as myself. I don't like the guy. That's my second confession. I'm not prone to instant dislikes. As far as … Continue reading James Kelly: Stupid or dishonest?

Party like it’s 2018!

Is there anybody who still doesn't understand why it was essential to have a new referendum no later than September 2018? Apologists for the SNP will respond to this by asserting that we could not possibly have won a referendum in September 2018. This is certainly true if you don't actually hold the referendum. If … Continue reading Party like it’s 2018!

When the need for illusion is deep

A regrettably rare intervention by Stu Campbell on Wings Over Scotland reminds us of two things. Firstly - and most obviously as this was the purpose of the article - it reminds us of the sickening spate of scaremongering pish that issued from the anti-independence campaign ten years ago and which continues to pour from … Continue reading When the need for illusion is deep

Not content!

Articles in The National such as that proclaiming REVEALED: The number of civil servants working on independence referendum planning are like the bell Pavlov used to elicit a predictable response from his laboratory animals. The SNP loyalists will clap and cheer and never for even the briefest moment pause to question any of it. They … Continue reading Not content!