Words and thoughts

It can happen that there is a degree of mismatch between what politicians say in public and what they and their colleagues are thinking in private. Sometimes, we can only hope that their public pronouncements aren't an accurate reflection of their private thoughts. A case in point being the facile assumption which from the evidence … Continue reading Words and thoughts

Where is the real Mhairi Black?

Where did this Mhairi Black come from? The one who wrote this column in The National? Where is the rebel? Who is this Mhairi Black? The one peddling the party line for all she's worth. The one plying us with unctuous platitudes and condescending rationalisation of the SNP leadership's paralysed timidity in the face of the British Nationalist threat to Scotland's democracy.

The message and the language

Whether in government or in opposition, the policies and positions of British Labour will always be formulated to appeal to or avoid offending the relatively tiny number of voters in England who actually decided elections within the managed democracy of the UK. The very same voters who are foremost in the minds of British Tories as they develop policy. They're both hunting the same beast. So they both use the same bait and the same traps - with different camouflage.

Mhairi’s voice

Sending a message to the Westminster establishment will have no effect at all. If Mhairi Black and others want to shake things up, they should be addressing their speeches to Nicola Sturgeon. They should be urging her to take a more assertive approach to the constitutional issue. They should be telling her the time has come to challenge the power of the Westminster establishment. They should be insisting that she defend the principle of popular sovereignty. That she assert the authority of the Scottish Parliament. That she defy the authority of the British establishment.