What do you see? What do you hear?

A photograph (above) posted on Twitter by Alex Salmond and shared by Joanna Cherry has prompted some speculation about the latter making a move to join the former in the Alba Party. The photograph shows a smiling Joanna Cherry standing between former First Minister Alex Salmond and senior Alba member Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh. As one individual … Continue reading What do you see? What do you hear?

St Andrew’s Day March for Independence

One of the more cheering developments of the past decade is the greater prominence now being given to Scotland’s official national day – St Andrew’s Day. It’s the day of the year – 30 November – set aside for a celebration of all that is Scotland and all that Scotland is. A celebration in which … Continue reading St Andrew’s Day March for Independence

The meeting point

Gerry Hassan's column in The National today offers an interesting analysis of the relationship between the SNP and the wider independence movement as he tries to answer the question posed in the headline, How do we resolve tensions between SNP and the wider Yes movement? It's an issue I've addressed repeatedly over the last few … Continue reading The meeting point

A million to nothing

Let's be realistic! I realise that opening an article with an exhortation to be realistic is likely to deter Alba fantasists and SNP loyalists alike. But how many of them would be reading my blog anyway? Realism is no more welcomed in the constitutional debate than scrutiny and criticism. Those who examine, analyse and comment … Continue reading A million to nothing

A very Scottish personality cult

The National's headline over its report of some positive press for Nicola Sturgeon in an American newspaper (Washington Post hails Nicola Sturgeon making a role for herself at COP26) seems designed to prompt shrill allegations of a 'personality cult' from the dunces' corner of the Yes movement and mindless British Nationalist fanatics alike. So let's … Continue reading A very Scottish personality cult

Too wee! Too poor! Too stupid!

I am sure we're all grateful to Dr David Patrick for his insights reported in The National. But did anyone seriously doubt that the British propaganda machine's principal line of attack would be some variation on the old 'Too wee! Too poor! Too stupid!' (TW!TP!TS!) argument? It is, after all, the whole reason for framing … Continue reading Too wee! Too poor! Too stupid!