Snow job

The problem I have with celebrity British Nationalists who profess even a partial and equivocal conversion to democracy is that they invariably account for this dubious change of heart by claiming that something has changed since they vehemently denied Scotland’s right of self-determination – and even Scotland’s status as a nation. Nothing has changed!

Things have happened. Situations have developed. But the fundamentals have not changed in any way at all. Scotland’s right of self-determination is now as it ever has been. Scotland’s status as a nation is now as it always was. The reasons for Scotland needing to restore its independence haven’t changed, because the Union hasn’t changed.

All that has happened is that things such as Brexit and situations such as the descent of the British political elite into farce have made it more difficult for people like Dan Snow to rationalise the contempt for democratic principles which remains a defining characteristic of their ‘One Nation’ British Nationalist ideology.

Dan Snow’s fervid attitude to borders strikes me as quite puerile. It is not borders that are problematic – indeed, they are essential – but the nature of what lies either side of the border. To put it every bit as simplistically as Snow does, if the people on each side of the border are content to look after their own affairs while allowing their neighbours to do likewise; and if both are capable of addressing shared concerns in a spirit of respect and maturity, then there is no problem

Problems arise when the entity on one side of the border treats the entity on the other side with overbearing contempt and seeks to dominate and subsume it. The border between Scotland and England is not the problem. ‘One Nation’ British Nationalists like Dan Snow are the problem.

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