Who are these people?

tomkinsFor many, I feel sure, the shock revelation coming out of the Hansard Society’s 15th annual Audit of Political Engagement is the discovery that as many as one in seven people in Scotland is “broadly satisfied” with the British political system. Who are these people? What do they see that the rest of us don’t? What do they fail to see that is painfully obvious to the vast majority?

What is the thought process which leads to the conclusion that the British political system is, from a Scottish perspective, even remotely acceptable far less broadly satisfactory?

What does it take to be a Unionist in Scotland today? What percentage of one’s intellect must be forsaken? What portion of one’s conscience must be denied? What part of one’s self-respect must be sacrificed?

How much must Scotland endure before British Nationalists begin to question their allegiance to a British political system which is inherently incapable of representing Scotland’s interests?

At what point do British Nationalists begin to recognise that a Union which can only be sustained with open threats, empty promises, transparent dishonesty, cancerous corruption and utter contempt for democratic principles, is a political union which is broken beyond repair?

What do British Nationalists think is going to happen? How do they imagine Scotland’s politics playing out over the coming weeks, months and years? What end-point do they envisage?

Do they suppose that the 86% who are less enamoured of the British state than themselves will just learn to live with it? Do they reckon the half of the population which wants independence will just meekly accept denial of that aspiration?

Do British Nationalists actually believe the democratic route to independence can be closed down without consequences?

Do British Nationalists genuinely think that imposition of a ‘One Nation’ British state will be the end of the matter? Do they suppose Scotland’s independence movement will simply evaporate once direct rule from London is restored?

Who are these people?

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10 thoughts on “Who are these people?

    1. Maybe GB nationalists born in Scotland have more of a vested financial interest in their support for a Westminster government. A socialist government, as in Holyrood, would never support the likes of a Scottish BritNat, or so is their belief. They forget that the SNP government is democratically elected and therefore represents the whole country, unlike the Westminster government who represent the billionaires who choose to keep the Conservative party afloat with their financial donations.


  1. I’d say half the one in sevens are fascist in inclination. That makes about 1/14th of the Scottish population. The other half of the one in sevens are the low information authority respecting elderly who always watch Sir John Mills films when they’re on telly and who had too much British exceptionalism drummed into them when they were wee.

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  2. We meet these people on the doorsteps of course — it’s a depressingly familiar experience in certain parts of Scotland like the one I live in. They are recognisable, often, by a sort of smug but sullen or angry complacency, and a willingness to justify their stance on the slimmest of grounds (e.g. “I’m quite happy with the way things are”) and their willingness to simply dismiss out of hand, without a moment’s consideration, any argument that challenges their satisfaction with “the way things are”.

    In that way, they are similar to people with firm and unshakable religious belief. They ‘feel’ rather than ‘think’. Rational argument runs off their impermeable layer of strong emotion. My suspicion is that only some strong emotional assault is likely to shift them! — the furthest I’ve ever got with this is a spontaneous “Aaaaaw” accompanied by a pantomime look of horror and anguish!! (Maybe I should experiment by following up with shuffling away, head down and shoulders sagging, muttering “Poor, poor Scotland…”)

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  3. I had success twice with these types. Strangely enough I lost the place through sheer frustration with two relatives at two different times in 2014. I ripped them both a new one, no epithet wasn’t used in my tirade. Astonishingly, unbelievably, it worked because when I next saw them they said they had thought about what I’d said and decided I was right and that they were going to vote YES. You could have knocked me down with a feather. I can only think that they had thought it was some kind of game and when I rounded on them it shocked them out of their complacency. They are both now involved in activism. Perhaps we should try “Shock and awe” mair often LOL

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    1. I have never favoured the idea that the Yes campaign should always be treading on eggshells. Nor the notion that No voters are all delicate blooms or petulant children who will wilt or sulk if treated to a bit of robust political rhetoric. I have always maintained that we should treat No voters as if they are mature, intelligent people. At least until they prove otherwise.

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  4. After 300+ years of being told , Westminster is sovereign and Scotland is a valued member of the union , the media and the British Nationalists mindset is to reinforce that belief , doesn’t matter the truth , doesn’t matter the form of the message , just as long as its constant and non stop . There is a clear divide in age groups who want independence , and its no coincidence the older generation as a general rule , get their information from traditional sources , that reinforce the union at all costs . Stockholm syndrome is always alive and well if its rammed into your mind every single day . But with the Tories destroying themselves and the country in full view of every British Nationalist , we can point to a different way of doing things and our message will slowly seep in as the Tories self destruct . Independence and a fairer way of living , making rules and regulations for ourselves , putting the people of Scotland first , every time for all time .
    There is another tactic , just overlay the areas in Scotland with higher rates of cancer , heart disease , mental health issues , infant mortality rates , with that of every chemical , toxic , munitions , nuclear dumps in Scotland and then tell those who believe in the union is it acceptable for their families to die younger because of their misplaced loyalty . Sorry for the length , that version of Tory consent really pissed me off .


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