Out of time

Suppose we'd had that referendum in 2018. Suppose we'd won. Four months on we'd be well into the process of getting Scotland out of the Union - instead of being in the position of desperately struggling to keep Scotland in the EU - in keeping with the wishes of 62% of the Scottish voters who expressed a preference in the 2016 EU referendum.

What do we want?

Most people in Scotland want independence. They just don't realise that the thing they want is called independence. They would vote for the powers that come with independence. But they shy away from voting for independence itself. Why is this? In part,of course, it is because the British propaganda machine has been working very hard … Continue reading What do we want?

The death of truth

Just thought I'd drop this into the current discussion about the condition of media and journalism in Scotland and elsewhere. It's an extract from an article titled The death of truth which first appeared in the March 2017 issue of iScot Magazine. Isn’t there an irony - delicious or distasteful according to personal taste - in … Continue reading The death of truth

Shall there be a Scottish Parliament?

There shall be a Scottish Parliament. But only if we are prepared to fight for it. There shall be a Scottish Parliament. But not if we allow the British political elite to have its way. There shall be a Scottish Parliament. But we must now decide, as a matter of great urgency whether it is … Continue reading Shall there be a Scottish Parliament?

Wincing and recoiling

Do you ever read something that makes you physically wince? I flinched twice reading George Kerevan's article. I cringed when i read this "the Scots electorate (mercifully) is having a year off". Aye, George! Because voting is such an onerous task we should be glad of anti-democratic British Nationalists like Ruth Davidson who want to … Continue reading Wincing and recoiling