How the Union has robbed the Scottish people. 

Leah Gunn Barrett describes some of the ways in which the Union does tremendous harm to Scotland.


This week Leah Gunn Barrett was speaking at the opening of the new Salvo hub in Edinburgh, what follows is much of the content of her speech.

Since the 1707 Treaty of Union, Scotland’s wealthhas been stolenand exploitedby our larger“partner”in an ongoing act ofcolonisation.

Colonialism is economic exploitation by a dominant powerthat exercisespolitical controlover its colony. This describes Scotland’s current position within theunion where we have no control over our landorresources and our MPs are overwhelmingly outvoted by English MPs. Because Scotland has no veto over English decisions, the union is a sham.

In 1707, Scotland had 1.1 million people, 20% of the population of England and Wales. Today, Scotland has just 8.1% of the UK population, of which over a quarter were born in England and Wales. This is one of the largest single non-war depopulations in Europe for a country of Scotland’s size and was a direct consequence…

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One thought on “How the Union has robbed the Scottish people. 

  1. So much talk, Peter; rafts of comment, ad infinitum; a wealth of blogs and posts – here, there, and everywhere..

    I see a lot of ‘leaders’; what I do NOT see, and conspicuous by its’ absence ( a statement which, unfortunately but entirely predictably, encompasses our recently elected First Minister.. ) is LEADERSHIP – cognisant of the issues, wholly aware of the problems, happy, nay, comfortable in picking up the cudgel – AND LEADING FROM THE FRONT..

    Politically speaking, what Scotland does NOT currently need or require is yet further assessment and analysis of that which confronts us; we have had 10 years and more of in-depth ‘contributions’ – to the point where everyone, basically, knows what’s what.. What we require is a LEADER to address the matter – AND GET ON WITH IT..

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