Independence! Nothing less!

When was the last time we heard anything so unequivocal from the SNP? On the basis of these words alone, everyone who has a vote should be giving Ash Regan their most serious consideration. And everyone who is committed to the restoration of Scotland’s independence should be offering their support.

Below is Ash Regan’s statement in full (slightly edited and with my emphasis).

Since the independence referendum in 2014, the SNP has secured overwhelming victories in three general elections and two Holyrood elections. We have won the democratic right to have another referendum. But every time we have asked Westminster for a Section 30 order, it has been refused. This is a democratic deficit, only compounded by the Supreme Court Ruling in November that the Scottish Parliament does not have the legal right to hold a referendum. We can only hold one if permission is granted by Westminster. However, despite multiple requests, the Westminster Government has not stated under what conditions the Section 30 order would ever be granted. It is quite clear that the Westminster Government will not allow us to pursue our path to independence under any circumstances.

On my first day as leader, I will call for an Independence Convention to be held. This will involve all pro-independence parties, independence organisations, think-tanks and civil society, to organise a new independence campaign body.

We will create a new vision of an independent Scotland. We will build coalitions, reach out across all of society and secure a pro-independence majority, which cannot be ignored.

The path to independence also lies in strong, effective government. As First Minister I will focus on the nation’s priorities; NHS recovery, the cost-of-living crisis, the economy, creating high value jobs, education and the environment. My cabinet would be comprised of the very best people and in the right roles. They will be empowered to run their own briefs, and expected to deliver for the people of Scotland.

With competency, we win trust and with trust we advance towards independence.

I propose that we take control of the process towards independence ourselves.

If pro-independence parties; with a clear mandate for such actions in their manifestos have 50%+1 or more of the votes cast in a Westminster or Holyrood election, this will be a clear instruction that Scotland wishes to be an independent nation. We will invite the Westminster Government to the Scottish Government to commence negotiations and set a time-frame for Scotland’s withdrawal from the UK. These proposals will be taken to conference for consideration.

No ifs, no buts. Independence — nothing less.

Ash Regan

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27 thoughts on “Independence! Nothing less!

  1. I would ask Mr Regan as we throw off the yoke of Britain are you planning to replace it with a harness from the European Union.


    1. You could ask that of any of the 3 candidates.

      I would too … if it had relevance whatsoever to the act of restoring Scotland’s full self government and independent statehood.

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  2. Ash Regan is the only candidate to make a bold statement that aligns herself perfectly with the founding principle aim of the SNP.

    Kate Forbes sounds like a gradualist with a target timeline of Sometime Never while Humza Yousaf appears to me at least to be a devolutionist who would settle for what little power and influence the Scottish Parliament currently has.

    If the SNP membership – as apposed to the party hierarchy – really do hold Independence as their top priority and goal then of the 3 declared candidates they really have one choice.

    And today is Ash Wednesday after all.

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  3. And this , my friend , is why , despite being by several light years the best candidate , the Serpents of Stasis both inside & outside the SNP will ensure Ms Regan gets nowhere near the position of F.M

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  4. Its really quite obvious, no?

    Yousaf is the Murrel’s choice and therefore the British state’s preference.

    Forbes is merely a stalking horse intended to divert votes from Ash Regan, i.e. to help Yousaf get in.

    Ash Regan is clearly the only candidate with independence on her mind.

    This is not therefore a difficult choice to make for the remaining SNP members who actually want independence.

    If Yousaf gets in, the SNP will likely split with pro-indy elements moving en-bloc to Alba. That may mean Yousaf becoming FM is unlikely.

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    1. @alfbaird; “if Yousaf gets in” etc, your premise wid tak us weel on the wye tae controllin’ the initiative in oor favour.

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  5. I wouldn’t go so far to call Forbes a stalking horse candidate.
    I’m sure she and those who support her, think she has what it takes.
    However, her religious views are a definite block to her.
    It surely must be obvious by now, she is not going to win on that basis alone.

    But at the end of the day, only Ash Regan is the one flogging Independence, and actually, the only one who could command the respect of the wider electorate.
    It would be best for Forbes to pull out, but that would be somewhat embarrassing for her, I’m sure.
    Tho, if the wellbeing of Scotland means that much, she would, and support Regan.
    I hope she does just that.

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  6. If the SNP were to split, a new party would be needed. Alba has too much baggage to continue as the alternative party to the SNP. All existing independence parties could be assumed into the new party. It has to be a completely fresh start.

    O/T: Why is the typeface of this blog always so faint? I find it difficult to read

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    1. I don’t see any likelihood of the SNP ‘splitting’. Parties have survived worse than this. But the SNP itself will have to be seen to be making a fresh start. Which is why I’m hoping Ash Regan wins the leadership. I tend to favour the candidate most likely to shake things up. That’s definitely Ash.

      I think I know the font you mean. Very thin? Horrible! I get it too on some sites. I’ve no idea why you’re seeing that font with this site as I would never use such a dreadful typeface. I have been meaning to investigate the issue. I will do so now.

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    2. Regarding the font issue – it appears to relate to Helvetica. Particularly Helvetica Neue Thin. For whatever reason, when the Helvetica font-family property is set in the html, the browser defaults to the Helvetica Neue Thin instead or Regular. You could try removing the offending font from your fonts folder. Alternatively, in your browser go to Settings > Appearance > Customise fonts and select Tahoma as the standard font.

      Another thing to try is downloading and installing the Roboto font family. It should take precedence over Helvetica.


  7. I have little doubt that all three of the not-very-good candidates would agree that an independent nation will be gained via a committee. Maybe this one, whoever she is, differs by saying that if something extremely unlikely happens she would ask Wesminster to make Scotland independent, please. That’s blowing smoke on her part. I guess she has been well trained on that.

    It looks like the SNP’s Liz Truss moment, but way less radical. The party looks like it has no real talent, charisma, or agreement, without the cult persona and authoritarianism of Salmond or Sturgeon.

    Take your choice: One is seriously beholden to Big Oil, one sounds like a cross between George Osborne and the Taliban, and the other is a walking disaster. And that appears to be it.

    Not surprised they go on about gender reasignment rule changes (Zzzzzzzzzzz), or that they will uphold existing laws (WTF?). They seem to have little else to say that isn’t scary.

    Should be a laugh watching them all being nasty to each other on telly now that they are allowed.


  8. — to organise a new independence campaign body.
    –We will create a new vision of an independent Scotland.
    –We will build coalitions, reach out across all of society and secure a pro-independence majority, which cannot be ignored.
    –we advance towards independence.
    —a clear instruction that Scotland wishes to be an independent nation. We will invite the Westminster Government to the Scottish Government to commence negotiations and set a time-frame for Scotland’s withdrawal from the UK. These proposals will be taken to conference for consideration.

    Just one tiny problem with all that: Westminster! This is still going down the deferential route that envisions Westminster as agreeing to being a partner in negotiating time-frames, et cetera. Westminster will turn round and say very civilly: ‘yer bum is oot the windae…” – well, in more elegant words more suited to the most superior parliament in the world. Scotland will need to take its independence against England’s will and will need to be prepared for antagonism for years to come. I have gone off carrots completely…


  9. “No ifs, no buts. Independence — nothing less”.

    And on a slogan that could have been uttered by any pro-Indy supporter, the malcontents are swayed.

    Forbes has been lambasted for stating her personal views as it “might” show that she “might” let her personal social views dictate policy. Regan gets lauded despite the fact she has clearly stated she WILL let her own personal social views dictate policy …. even when the great majority of the SNP and Holyrood have already voted it through …. and she won’t contest the Westminster S35 interference in Scotland’s democracy.

    It seems the malcontents are actually okay with personal views on social issues dictating policy just as long as they coincide with their’s.

    PS It turns out she sends her kids to private schools and did so while working for Common Weal. Are you sure she is the right candidate.


    1. “Are you sure she is the right candidate”

      Ash Regan is clearly the only candidate with independence on her mind and that is a very, very, very big differentiator compared with the useless establishment option or his stalking horse. But I expect its not that clear to you.

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      1. All just your opinion of course.

        It will take more than a slogan and a basic knowledge of what buttons to press to get the usual suspects on side to convince me. I’m reminded of the captain of the San Dimas football team in Bill and Ted’s Big Adventure getting a silent response to his history presentation to the school, then screaming “San Dimas football rules” and getting a raucous response from his classmates. I’m not that gullible. All the candidates have expressed a commitment to independence. She is not alone in that.

        Before anyone declared, I instinctively favoured Forbes but worried about her religious views. I’d never warmed to Yousaf and reckoned he had too much baggage. Regan I knew nothing about bar her dramatic flouncing out of the GRRB vote. That did not endear her to me.

        I have yet to make my mind up on any of them. As I said, it will take more than a cheap slogan to sway me. Clearly, it is enough for you.


            1. Yes indeed, and I hear the outgoing FM’s new Whitehall sanctioned (UN?) posting may begin in July; reward for taking the independence movement up several blind alleys? Sir Humphrey might be proud of her ‘achievement’, Scots less so.

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              1. Is that right Alf, aye. Amazin’. Ahm jist goana spik to these fowk ower here noo cuz …. reasons.


    2. And there you are , trotting into view , looking for another carrot-dispenser to fill the * yawning * void created by the timely and selfless departure of yr Goddess of Root Vegetables ( I hear some Tory fuckwit is suggesting the uptake of turnips , may be worth considering MBP ) – who couldn’t wait even a few weeks until after the Specially Special Conference of Specialness but decided to skeddadle before even more shit ( created/presided over by her ) hits the proverbial : brave & stunning , ’cause as we know ” when the going gets tough the cowardly fuck-off at speed ” .And that’s the fastest I’ve seen Sturgeon move , ever .

      What do you make of the latest radical suggestion by one of the Manchurian candidates ….eg * free * by 2053 , that chime with your time- frame ; or is that a little hasty for you ?

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      1. Aye, Robert Hughes, fir MBP who purposefully identifies as a cuddie a diet o’ carrots an’ neeps micht hae great appeal an it micht accoont fir the wee puckle shite he keeps drappin when ere he slackens he’s gub!

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        1. A couple of evidence denying posts that comprise of assumptions about me and my beliefs (not the subject of the article) that owe more to wishful thinking, and the need to create a negative narrative for casual viewers, than they do to fact.

          Welcome to the world of the “allegedly” pro-Indy malcontent blogosphere.


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