Those Opinion Polls: A Reality Check

Some excellent work here by Stephen Duncan, confirming what some of us had already figured out for ourselves.


This is a guest post from Stephen Duncan. I don’t usually publish polls discussion on this site as James Kelly of Scot goes Pop usually has this covered but Stephen has put a lot of work into this and is clearly less excited than most pro Indy Commentators. Here he explains why.

Those Opinion Polls: A Reality Check

People seem to be working themselves into a lather of excitement over the recent spate of opinion polls on Scottish Independence, if the comments by regular columnists in, and myriad readers on, various articles in The National are anything to go by (see, for example,Scottish independence support at 56%, Ipsos Mori poll finds | The National). Whilst there have now been 4 consecutive polls showing a lead for YES, and 3 of them since the UK Supreme Court ruling on 23rdNovember that the Scottish Parliament did not have…

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2 thoughts on “Those Opinion Polls: A Reality Check

  1. Excellent exposition and I await with bated breath the howling’s of your recent detractors when presented with fact.

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