Manifesto for Independence

The manifestos of all pro-independence parties and particularly the SNP must include the following in some form. Parties will quite reasonably wish to write their own manifestos for the 2021 Scottish Parliament election on 6 May. These points are provided for guidance. It is critical that the outcome of the election should be a Scottish Government elected on a manifesto which includes commitment to these actions.

  • Repudiate the Section 30 process as an illegitimate constraint on Scotland’s right of self-determination
  • Assert the primacy of the Scottish Parliament on the basis of its democratic legitimacy and the sovereignty of Scotland’s people
  • Recall Scotland’s Members of Parliament from Westminster to sit on a National Convention with Members of the Scottish Parliament and such representatives of civic society as are deemed appropriate by the Scottish Parliament for the purpose of overseeing the drafting of a Constitution for Scotland
  • Propose dissolution of the Union with England subject to approval by the Scottish Parliament and ratification by the people of Scotland in a referendum
  • Hold referendum on the question of the Union under the auspices of the Scottish Parliament and subject to oversight and management by the National Convention and such bodies as may be appointed by the Scottish Parliament

Please share the image below as much as possible using the hashtag #ManifestoForIndependence.

11 thoughts on “Manifesto for Independence

  1. I’m not at all certain I want the SNP writing any constitution just now. It will proclaim Nicola Sturgeon president for life and we will turn into Zimbabwe.


  2. Good and brief Peter,

    however if the primacy of the Scottish Parliament is asserted in the election, why is there a need for a referendum ?

    At the point at which primacy is asserted Scotland is declaring itself a sovereign nation, so what is the purpose of the proposed referendum and isn’t it incompatible with the primacy of the parliament as asserted by the sovereign people of Scotland in a democratic event ?

    If I had voted to assert the primacy of the parliament, my reaction to the referendum would be “you’ve just asked me that, why are you asking me again ?”


    1. Without a binary referendum, our International legitimacy will be questioned. Peter rightly insists that the Referendum should be undertaken by Scots alone, for Scots alone. No outside interference. We can bag Independence very quickly. David Henry and others have proposed a Manifesto to deliver Independence. Pretty much along the same lines.


  3. A braw conspectus , contains all necessary if not sufficient elements for any Indy party manifesto. Some nifty work with Occam’s Razor Peter , and no blood drawn.


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