Twa Auld Heids with Peter A Bell

On Monday 15 February I got together for a wee blether with my auld friends Dave Llewelyn and Mike Fenwick (Twa Auld Heids). What a jolly time we had!

One thought on “Twa Auld Heids with Peter A Bell

  1. That was an excellent discussion.

    It raised the subjects that are currently topical, and perennially pertinent, to Scotland’s Cause. Apart from the content your exchange with Mike Fenwick and Dave Llewelyn goes to show that passionate views can be held held and robustly debated without resorting to snark and sneer.

    Which is as it should be.

    Those who purport to wish for a future independent Scotland to be ‘progressive’, ‘tolerant’, ‘respectful’ etc – and who very often are the same persons whose comments rapidly descend into nasty abuse when their views are challenged – would do well to watch and listen to even just 5 minutes of this.


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