No British veto on Scotland’s democracy!

back_in_boxIt is always gratifying to see British Nationalists squabbling amongst themselves. But the main thing we should take from all of this is the British parties’ shared conviction that the British political elite holds the power of veto over Scotland’s right of self-determination.

The right of self-determination is vested wholly in the people of Scotland, to be exercised entirely at our discretion. That is how democracy works. By their arrogant, presumptuous insistence that they have authority to deny or constrain the right of self-determination the British parties reveal their contempt for democracy.

Nicola Sturgeon could give the Yes movement great encouragement by taking the opportunity at the SNP Conference in October to disabuse the British ruling elite of this notion. Nobody realistically expects her to use the occasion of her Conference address to announce a timetable for action to resolve the constitutional issue. But she has to give the Yes movement something. And declaring that, whatever form this action might take and whenever it might happen, there will be no Section 30 request would send precisely the right message to both Yes activists and British Nationalists.

To petition the British government for a Section 30 order is to acknowledge the veto they assert. Nicola Sturgeon must reject this assertion. As Scotland’s First Minister, it is her solemn duty to defend the democratic rights of Scotland’s people. No democratic right is more fundamental than the right to choose the form of government that best suits our needs. The British political elite must not be allowed to limit or deny this right.

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8 thoughts on “No British veto on Scotland’s democracy!

  1. I know we should guard against impetuous courage but, after the past week, I’m sick of the whole thing. I’m starting to think Nicola Sturgeon should stand up at the conference in October and set a date of next March for an independence referendum and say that the vote will be cancelled/postponed if we get what we want in terms of Single Market/Customs Union membership for Scotland.

    It’s totally obvious that, in simply waiting for clarity on Brexit that will never come, Scotland will be ignored by Westminster and we must look to ourselves to preserve our country and its economy. Time to up the ante?

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    1. Well said. It might be November when the crunch comes, but still.

      Of course, the UKGov might well collapse then under the weight of its own multiple contradictions, and we are forcibly subjected to yet another irrelevant distraction that will resolve absolutely nothing. In which case the same tack and vigour is needed for that challenge. We mustn’t let this unique chance, the weakest UKGov ever, pass idly by.

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  2. The Tories are going for a no deal end of. Waiting for the inevitable to happen before action is taken is dangerous.

    There is no point in delaying a vote on independence. We are patient in the yes movement but it’s running out. Salmond went for Indy with 28% support. Nicola not going on 48% looks like cowardice. To get independence you have to be brave not cautious.

    The damage is being done right now. It’s not just what happens the day after Brexit. Every day in this unholy union is bad for Scotland.

    It’s time to name the date . The troops are ready.

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  3. This latest piece of political chicanery to attempt to permanently deny Scotland its Claim of Right is an affront, and particularly maladroit coming as it is from a resident Englishman.

    Just when you think that the Labour Northern Outpost couldn’t be more stupid, they prove you wrong again. (And again… )


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