Facing down the beast

Nicola Sturgeon: The Beastmaster!
From reports of party donations it looks like the British establishment is rallying round its political servants. (SNP donations dwarfed by Labour and Tories as parties build election war chests) Big business and other vested interests are pouring money into the coffers of the British parties as they desperately seek to resist the tide of change flowing from Scotland. A tide that threatens to sweep away the comfortable certainties of the old order and the old ways.
But it is not clear how much good this filling of the British parties’ “war chests” will do. The establishment parties already have massive resources, not least in terms of the compliant and complicit mainstream media. They have also been shown to be prepared to stoop to any base practice as they fight to preserve the power and privilege of the British state’s ruling elites. All of which only just helped them scrape a rather pyrrhic and evidently inconclusive victory in Scotland’s independence referendum.
What use is their money, their propaganda machinery and their total lack of scruples against the will of the people? So long as there is a functioning democratic process in the British state, however flawed, the ruling elites can be challenged. The people of Scotland have woken up to this fact. The people of England have yet to do so.
Last night, Nicola Sturgeon faced a pack of the British establishment’s attack dogs on BBC Question Time. Was she fazed? Not in the slightest! Because she knows that however enormous and vicious the snarling beast of the British state may be when cornered, it is no match for the popular power that Scotland’s First Minister represented with such commanding calm.

6 thoughts on “Facing down the beast

  1. \”Last night, Nicola Sturgeon faced a pack of the British establishment's attack dogs on BBC Question Time. Was she fazed? Not in the slightest! Because she knows that however enormous and vicious the snarling beast of the British state may be when cornered, it is no match for the popular power that Scotland's First Minister represented with such commanding calm.\”#Peter your talent as a writer of comedy has hitherto been missed by the nation….I wonder if you believe that the earth is flat, or that unicorns still exist?Ms Sturgeon was demolished on national TV, and I for one can't wait for the follow up in Glasgow in two weeks time, when we get Mhairi 'Potty mouth' Black on Question Time.Already your wee Nat friends are starting to panic about it…..http://wingsoverscotland.com/a-horrifying-thought/ \”Harry McAye says: 20 February, 2015 at 1:59 pm From an earlier comment, am I to understand it is 20 year old Mhairi Black who will be the SNP representative in two weeks time in Glasgow, up against Jim Murphy no doubt? That is one obvious set up, after her twitter history was brought up. I think she's great but that was a huge cock up not to get her to go back through her twitter before she was announced as a candidate.\” # Yes a huge cockup indeed, but that is more interesting is that one of the 'Rev's wingnuts is now suggesting that her twitter comments should have been deleted…. No doubt to airbrush them out, but lets remember she was 'vetted' as an official SNP candidate, so being sectarian is clearly not a problem in the SNP.. As it looks like some wee Nats are already worried about Ms Black appearing on QT; paul gerard mccormack says: 20 February, 2015 at 3:07 pm Re Mhairi Black – Don't under any circumstance enter the lion's den. DO NOT DANCE WITH THE DEVIL. THE SNP MUST PULL HER> she/SNP will have nothing to gain from this. She'll get pelted with that sectarian shit. DO NOT GO THERE. NO WAY. (Sorry for shouting, but will have to get a letter off to High Command before the last post to stop this madness!)# Indeed! No wonder they would like her comments to have vanished, too late now though! The rest of us on the other hand are just getting in the popcorn ready to watch another car crash… You can almost reach out and touch the wee Nats fear, I'll wait to see what comedy gold you come up with Peter after her appearance….PS I have still not got a kipper tie and flares yet-:)


  2. Another good article Peter. You seem to have got under someone else's skin going by the last comment. They seem to be a proper little online groupie aswell – esp' of wings, quoting folk's posts and all that – what's that all about man? It riles doughnuts like that to see someone present a factual account of what's going on to folk browsing through social media sites. They'd rather we all had our heads stuck in a Daily Record, voted Labour, (sorry New Labour) then just shut up. They hate it when someone shines a light on the shortcomings in some sections of society that have so far still failed to grasp that they've been taken for a right proper ride by Labour/New Labour and the idea of \”the UK\” for generations. Whoops! Sorry for waking you Anonymous. – When you're done hating us, go for a wee lie doon eh. 😉


  3. It would be good to get the ownership (sorry donorship) of the Political Parties into the public domain.


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