Relying on magic

Without a process, nothing happens. It is process which connects intention to achievement. Anybody can say they want something. But until they can set out the process by which they will get what they want their words are empty. A purpose without a process is just wishful thinking. It is wooly-minded daydreaming. It is fantasy … Continue reading Relying on magic

A blancmange is not a brick

Once again, I am perplexed that Joanna Cherry shows not the slightest concern for what kind of referendum is being discussed. She appears to attach no importance at all to the form of the referendum that the UKSC is being asked about. It's as if anything that has the words 'independence' and 'referendum' attached is … Continue reading A blancmange is not a brick

What are you prepared to do?

British Prime Minister (pro tem) Liz Truss's statement that the referendum proposed by the Scottish Government should not happen even if it is deemed lawful by the UK Supreme Court (UKSC) has provoked a predictably hostile response from the Yes movement. That the Yes movement should be so united in condemnation of Truss's remarks is … Continue reading What are you prepared to do?

The Nicola Sturgeon Show!

I note with barely a flicker of interest the SNP has released the agenda for the party's 88th annual conference due to take place in Aberdeen next month ─ strikebound public transport permitting. I don't think anybody with even the most tenuous grasp of political reality supposes that the event will be anything more than … Continue reading The Nicola Sturgeon Show!

Liars all around

Despite dodgy knees and a strong aversion to large crowds I had fully intended going to Yestival on Sunday. Reading the statement by the event's organisers, I'm glad it has been postponed. If that statement is any indication then I have dodged the bullet of Spending my Sunday afternoon standing in Freedom Square listening to … Continue reading Liars all around