If you want it broken, break it!

I don't know this David Clark. He may be every bit the foreign affairs expert John Drummond says he is. But I still need to pull him up on a couple of points. The reason federalism is a "non-starter" is even more "simple and straightforward" than Mr Clark suggests. A federal settlement acceptable to the … Continue reading If you want it broken, break it!

A question of priorities

Funny how things come together sometimes. I was planning on writing a piece inspired by a January 2018 Guardian interview with then SNP Westminster Group Deputy Leader, Kirsty Blackman, that was brought to my attention the other day. It seems unlikely that the interview escaped my attention back then, but I have no recollection. It … Continue reading A question of priorities

The ghost question

I have spent the morning poring over Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott's article titled Scottish Independence And The UK Government’s Unreasonable Refusal To Negotiate published by The Centre on Constitutional Change ─ a body which, I confess, I was previously unaware of. Or had forgotten about, as happens rather a lot these days. My attention was drawn … Continue reading The ghost question

Where’s the plan?

Alba will get no disagreement from me that we've had enough and it's time for independence. But I'd like to know how they intend that this should happen. Getting answers to such questions from Alba is no easier than getting a sensible response from the SNP to criticism of Nicola Sturgeon's 'plan'. We've had eight … Continue reading Where’s the plan?

Always fooled again!

And so the deception continues. (Nicola Sturgeon: One year to go until Scotland can ‘choose a better future’) Apparently, with great success. Very large numbers of people seem to be convinced that the proposed referendum is an opportunity to "decide their own future". Sturgeon has them captivated. It's all lies, of course. But the lies … Continue reading Always fooled again!

A true independence party?

Reading The Sunday National's preview of Alex Salmond's address to the Alba Party conference, one two-word phrase leapt out at me ─ "agreed referendum". Ominous words indeed to anybody who adheres to the principle of popular sovereignty. Because what that little phrase actually refers to is a Section 30 referendum. Which is to say, a … Continue reading A true independence party?

Double the thinking! Half the sense!

In common with innumerable other commentators, Richard Walker portrays the British government as having no respect for democracy. He is, of course, perfectly justified in doing so. The catalogue of reasons for stating that the British government has no regard for democratic principles and that the latest iteration of British Nationalism is overtly anti-democratic, need … Continue reading Double the thinking! Half the sense!

Salmond asks sensible questions

It is difficult to disagree with the general thrust of Alex Salmond's remarks. Unless, that is, you are to be counted among the mindless mob who insist that neither Nicola Sturgeon nor the SNP should be subject to any meaningful scrutiny. The coalition of the cretinous who get incandescently offended if someone suggests their leader … Continue reading Salmond asks sensible questions