Good sense prevails

The Sunday National today presents its "exclusive analysis" under the headline Scotland's councils: The gender balance of each local authority. But how can that be? If gender is malleable how can there possibly be "gender balance"? Sex balance is achievable. Because sex is binary and immutable. There are two sexes so, to state the obvious, … Continue reading Good sense prevails

Sex is real

The introduction to Parliament of the Scottish Government's proposed GRA reforms has given new impetus to what is ironically or facetiously referred to as the 'debate' around this contentious topic. It shouldn't be contentious, of course. If the 'reforms' were, as proponents claim, merely righting a long-standing wrong and rescuing a downtrodden minority from wanton … Continue reading Sex is real

First do no harm!

Among all the rotten tricks with which advancing years torment us, perhaps none are worse than the games a deteriorating mind plays with memory. I'm not talking here about dementia in its various ghastly form. I'm referring only to the inevitable decline that comes with not dying when evolution expected us to. Bits start to … Continue reading First do no harm!