Good sense prevails

The Sunday National today presents its “exclusive analysis” under the headline Scotland’s councils: The gender balance of each local authority. But how can that be? If gender is malleable how can there possibly be “gender balance”? Sex balance is achievable. Because sex is binary and immutable. There are two sexes so, to state the obvious, balance is achieved when there is equal representation of each sex. But gender being ductile there must be a potentially infinite number of genders. How might it be possible to define gender balance when, in principle, there are as many genders as there are people? More if we take into account the possibility of an individual changing their gender – perhaps several times.

The whole idea of balance in the make-up of councils and other bodies is nonsensical unless there are fixed categories. The two sexes are fixed categories. This is why The Sunday National’s study uses these categories to measure the degree of balance. It is sex balance, not gender balance.

It is gratifying to see The Sunday National acknowledging that sex is binary and immutable. Good sense prevails. Which won’t please some people.

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5 thoughts on “Good sense prevails

  1. Sadly, such a thoroughly confused and likely transphobic article signals the end of Ms. Garton-Crosbie’s career – male, female, men, women – so many binary categories. At least she does give a nod towards gender fluidity by quoting the ratio of males and females to two decimal places:

    South Ayrshire (Tory minority) F: 9.09% M: 90.91% (2/20)

    While unlikely to win any prize for arithmetic (how on earth is 2/20 equal to 9.09%) she might just live to write about the weaponising of LGBT identity once more.


    1. Bidding someone ‘good morning’ is likely to be deemed transphobic by some. Just as there are people who label any comment they dislike of disagree with ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ because they are unable to formulate a counterargument, so there are now people who use ‘transphobic’ in the same way.

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