Scotland the disappeared!

I came across something the other day which some of you may find interesting. You’ll recall the fuss there was about the British government document(s) regarding Brexit which pointedly failed to mention Scotland. Then, last November there was that Andy Critchlow article in the Telegraph titled ‘North Sea oil can still be the bargaining chip we need‘, which also omitted any reference to Scotland.

I’ve stumbled upon another one!

It’s an article in The Guardian called ‘Organised crime in the UK is bigger than ever before. Can the police catch up?’. Written by Alex Perry and based on an interview with National Crime Agency boss Lynne Owens, it too manages to discuss at great length the issue of organised crime “in the UK” without once mentioning Scotland. There are lots of references to ‘Britain’ and ‘UK’ as well as a couple of mentions of ‘England & Wales’. But not so much as a hint that Scotland even exists. Which is extremely odd given one of the main themes of the article.

Now, you could be forgiven for thinking this is just another ill-informed, under-educated, narrow-minded, shallow-thinking, London-based hack exhibiting all the dumb parochialism we’ve come to expect from that hapless breed. You might quite reasonable suppose the fool guilty of no more than the usual conflating of England with UK. But there’s evidently more too it than that. Because the article repeatedly touches on the topic of how “fragmented” the police service is in England and Wales. Here’s an example.

An ancient and fragmented structure of 43 English and Welsh county forces, some of which date back 190 years, had left Britain with little to no “capability to respond” to modern, global criminals.

Organised crime in the UK is bigger than ever before. Can the police catch up?

This is one of several similar comments based on what appears to be a matter of particular concern to Lynne Owens. So, given that this “fragmented” structure is such a major focus of the article, how do we explain the absence of any reference to the sole example in the UK of a unified police service – Police Scotland? How is it possible for a professional journalist to so totally miss something so relevant to what he is writing about.

Especially given other similar instances, it is increasingly difficult to avoid concluding that the omission is deliberate. Scotland is being ‘disappeared’.

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5 thoughts on “Scotland the disappeared!

  1. No question Peter,that is the main thrust now of “thinking” in England with regard to North Britain.
    As far as they are concerned we had our “Once in a lifetime” independence referendum,never to be repeated if they have their way,and that we ceased to exist as a polity after that event.
    Since the purpose of unionism in Scotland is solely to oppose independence and ensure that North Britain doesn’t deviate in any significant manner from England,we can now expect the Willie Rennies of that cabal to shut up about returning control of the police to local authorities.
    Or perhaps they will start demanding that Police Scotland be rebranded UK Police or something of that ilk.
    As with their friends in the DUP,they are “anything but Irish/Scottish”.


  2. The BBC’s news website does this all the time.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about Police Scotland, they’ll soon be in the capable hands of David Mundell.


    1. The campaign of Scotland’s erasure is in full force…and has been since 2014.

      When Scotland did not go back in their box after Indyref…Westminster has planned to shut the gate and now aims to consume Scotland whole.

      I am amazed that the SNP has waited so long. It is as if they are not confident on fighting Westminster on their case – that Westminster and their Brexit process revealed in full. It is this that sinks my heart for chances of Indy…waiting as a small target gives Westminster the upper hand.

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