Entitlement and hypocrisy

Chris McEleny says "I think that’s what people are sick of in politics, the entitlement.". I think Chris will find that people are just as sick of the hypocrisy. The entitlement to which he refers is nowhere more evident than in Alba Party's attitude to elections and voters. Alongside the fantastical nonsense about a 'supermajority', … Continue reading Entitlement and hypocrisy

Plan C

Plan C proposes that, having repudiated the Section 30 process as an affront to democracy, the SNP should include in the party's manifesto for the coming Holyrood elections a commitment that if elected an SNP Scottish Government will immediately assert the exclusive competence of the Scottish Parliament in all constitutional matters preparatory to proposing the dissolution of the Union subject to a referendum that shall be entirely made and managed in Scotland.

Why we shouldn’t be taking Chris McEleny’s indyref back-up plan too seriously

Both Plan a and Plan B allow that the British political elite somehow has not only the rightful authority to prohibit the full and proper exercise of our sovereignty but the 'right' to be involved in and largely control the process by which the people of Scotland choose the form of government which best serves our needs, priorities and aspirations.

Are we ready to change gear?

OK! It could be that the previous reluctance to allow this debate was down to a certain excess of zeal on the part of certain officials. It may be that they were a bit over-protective of the party line. It could be that, chastened by criticism of their behaviour, these individuals have relented in a bid to put matters right. That is possible. Isn't it?

It’s the waiting…

Why ask if 'Plan B' might be a panacea anyway? Has anybody claimed that it might have the power to cure all ills? Come to that, has anybody claimed that it might be the "solution to all our indy woes"? Or that it could "break the constitutional stand off and get us swiftly and easily to independence"? Who has described 'Plan B' in such terms? When? Where?