Changing the game

Few in the Yes movement can doubt that a game-changer is required. The fight to restore Scotland's independence has made absolutely no progress in the seven years since the first referendum. The SNP/Scottish Government remains committed to an approach to the constitutional issue which cannot possibly succeed given that it is crucially dependent on the … Continue reading Changing the game

A general derangement

Marching through Glasgow last Saturday afternoon with several hundred other Yes folk I got my first real sighting of the anti-vaxxer, anti-lockdown, anti-[what do you have?] mob. What a dubious treat that was! I think the march - organised and very effectively managed by Scottish Independence Movement(SIM) - had got as far as Saltmarket or … Continue reading A general derangement

Will the flockers just flock off?

If you genuinely think Scotland should be independent, why would you not take as your starting assumption that Scotland is perfectly capable of managing its "currency, economy, and public services"? Why would you need to be convinced of this AFTER coming to the conclusion that Scotland's affairs are NOT well managed while mired in the Union?

Scotland’s paper

There is an increasing sense that The National is, not just the only newspaper in Scotland to reflect that half of the population which aspires to independence, but also that it is the only part of the media which is actively engaging with Scotland's politics. I have long maintained that The National's real value lay, … Continue reading Scotland’s paper