A third force?

Leaving aside for a moment the whole Brexit fiasco - doubtless to everyone's great relief - it is worth noting that there is something rather interesting happening here as what in another time would have been referred to as the 'minor parties' at Westminster challenge, not only the government, but also the official opposition. From … Continue reading A third force?

Playing the game

The British establishment hates and fears the SNP because it is truly an alien force in their midst. It operates within the British political system, but is not part of the British political system. It has been inserted into the structures of power privilege and patronage which define the British state, but is is not … Continue reading Playing the game

It’s not complicated

It really isn't. In fact, it's magnificently simple.I seek for Scotland no more than that status and those powers which other nations assume to be theirs by right.That's it! That's all this referendum is about. I could say that it's about restoring Scotland's rightful constitutional status. But it's really just about getting back to normal. … Continue reading It’s not complicated

What’s going on with Gordon?

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, meets Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)For those of us who like to subject the comings and goings of the referendum to the kind of analysis that the British media studiously avoids, Gordon Brown represents something of a problem. There is always this nagging … Continue reading What’s going on with Gordon?


Douglas Alexander (Photo credit: Wikipedia)As I write this, the buzz-word of the moment is "reconciliation". The idea is being put about that Scotland will require some sort of healing process after the referendum. The implication being that the referendum itself has somehow been damaging to Scotland. We are effectively being told that the exercise by … Continue reading Aftermath

Mystery Ministers and Jerking Knees

Knee jerkIt doesn't take much to get some knees jerking!A piece by Nicholas Watt in The Guardian (Independent Scotland 'may keep pound' to ensure stability) has prompted a wee storm of speculation and a flurry of conspiracy theories.What is the identity of the "Mystery Minister" who has spilled the beans on the British parties' posturing … Continue reading Mystery Ministers and Jerking Knees