The term 'Scottish National Party Member of Parliament' is, like 'caring British Conservativism' and 'British Labour socialism', an oxymoron. Each pairing involves concepts which are incongruous or contradictory. It may be possible to be a Conservative and to care about people. It may be possible to be associated with British Labour and yet have a … Continue reading Oxymorons

Demands and threats

I doubt that many outside the ranks of irredeemable and irremediable Tory loyalists would take exception to anything in Sturgeons catalogue of demands. But are they attainable? Are they deliverable? How might British Labour respond were they to be handed this list in the course of post-election haggling among the parties at Westminster?

You have one job!

The SNP didn't drag the people of Scotland along on its quest for power. The people of Scotland pushed the SNP to the vanguard of our fight to restore Scotland's independence, maintain our distinctive political culture and preserve our national identity. They have a responsibility serve Scotland's cause. We have a responsibility to ensure that they do.