A question of trust

Far from the least of the problems with Theresa May's latest attempt to make the rough-hewn square peg of Brexit fit the well-formed round hole of reality is the question of trust. For example, when the British government undertakes to pay “due regard” to European Court of Justice (ECJ) rulings relating to the rules the … Continue reading A question of trust

No negativity

Having read the headline over Iain Macwhirter's article in the Herald, I scoured what followed looking for some statement from Nicola Sturgeon quoted as evidence that the SNP is backing a "negative pro-EU campaign". I wasn't disappointed. But only because I knew better than to expect one. Instead of something - anything! - to justify … Continue reading No negativity

Vote SNP, get democracy!

An editorial appeared in The Independent yesterday (Tuesday 5 May) under the title In defence of liberal democracy which nicely encapsulates the attitude of the British establishment to Scotland and our elected representatives, albeit in in terms somewhat less hysterical and vitriolic than we are accustomed to from the British media. I would like to respond.It is a fragile … Continue reading Vote SNP, get democracy!

Fanning the flames

Let's be clear. Allan Massie is a British nationalist.* Not quite in the spittle-flecked, purple-faced, ranting style of Alan Cochrane. (Although he appears to be competing with Poor Old Cockers in this diatribe.) But a British nationalist nonetheless. As such, he portrays the SNP, not as they are, but as British nationalists would like them … Continue reading Fanning the flames

Waking the giant

The unseemly hysteria with which the British establishment responds to pretty much anything Nicola Sturgeon says (Critics accuse Sturgeon of trying to 'bankrupt Britain' over £180bn public spending demand) gives us as a powerful reminder of the terror which is gripping the ruling elites of the British state as they face the very real prospect … Continue reading Waking the giant

A second chance for Scotland

I had to check the date on this article about Miliband and Murphy performing as an SNP-hating double-act as it could have been from pretty much any UK general election period in the last two or three decades. The message from British Labour in Scotland is always the same. It is never about policy. It … Continue reading A second chance for Scotland

Depend on democracy

Aberdein Considine partner, Rob Aberdein, said the referendum took up “a lot of internal resources” in financial services in contingency planning for independence, as well as “causing uncertainty” for customers.He said: “Does the continuing narrative around a referendum and further devolution make this a bad place to do business?”*Rob Aberdein of Aberdein Considine seems to … Continue reading Depend on democracy