I shall not plod

When All Under One Banner (AUOB) organises an event such as the one tomorrow in Glasgow, they invite us to 'March for independence'. They don't urge us to 'Plod for independence'. When we attend such events ─ as I hope thousands will tomorrow ─ we imagine ourselves striding determinedly towards the restoration of Scotland's rightful … Continue reading I shall not plod

Rightful anger

So, the UK Supreme Court (UKSC) has issued its judgement and it is that the Scottish Parliament doesn't have the competence to authorise even the pretendy referendum that Nicola Sturgeon proposes. This was, you will recall, a referendum that had been stripped of all its legal and constitutional effect so that it was no more … Continue reading Rightful anger

Just say f*** off!

Clearly, the First Minister's hope of "clarity and legal certainty in a timely manner" has been frustrated by reality. It was always no more than empty rhetoric anyway. An attempt to justify a plainly foolish 'strategy'. The complex permutations described by Andrew Tickell are neither new nor newly discovered. It was always the case that … Continue reading Just say f*** off!

A blancmange is not a brick

Once again, I am perplexed that Joanna Cherry shows not the slightest concern for what kind of referendum is being discussed. She appears to attach no importance at all to the form of the referendum that the UKSC is being asked about. It's as if anything that has the words 'independence' and 'referendum' attached is … Continue reading A blancmange is not a brick

What are you prepared to do?

British Prime Minister (pro tem) Liz Truss's statement that the referendum proposed by the Scottish Government should not happen even if it is deemed lawful by the UK Supreme Court (UKSC) has provoked a predictably hostile response from the Yes movement. That the Yes movement should be so united in condemnation of Truss's remarks is … Continue reading What are you prepared to do?

Where is the remedy?

There is a fundamental flaw in the SNP's Supreme Court submission on the independence referendum. As an argument that the people of Scotland have the right of self-determination and that this right is inalienable, the intervention works well. The problem lies in the fact that two different understandings of the right of self-determination are presented, … Continue reading Where is the remedy?

An unremarked contradiction

I really do wish The National and others would stop referring to it as an "independence referendum". The referendum proposed by Nicola Sturgeon is not an independence referendum. Not in the sense of being a referendum on restoring Scotland's independence. Not in the sense of being a referendum which might lead to the restoration of … Continue reading An unremarked contradiction

It’s what they do

At first glance, the Brits would seem to be inviting the displeasure of the politically aware part of Scotland that isn't so easily manipulated by the British media. But from the British perspective that's a good thing. As with defying the unanimity of the Scottish Parliament, going against popularity with the public in Scotland makes this a better demonstration of power.

Being less

It was always to be expected that the UK Supreme Court would issue a finding on the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Legal Continuity) (Scotland) Bill which maintained the court's cherished appearance of political neutrality by allowing both sides to claim at least partial victory. More 'fudgement' than a judgement. The outcome merely underlines … Continue reading Being less