Hypocrisy and other shite

C'mon! Be honest! Did you ever imagine yourself saying of anything uttered by Alex Cole-Hamilton, Jackie Baillie and/or Murdo Fraser, they've got a point?Holyrood committee chief faces rebellion over Alex Salmond inquiry I started my day with the above comment on a report in The National about the three individuals named objecting to Linda Fabiani … Continue reading Hypocrisy and other shite

Hot air from blimps

Colonel Blimp (Photo credit: psd)Apparently, a bunch of mothballed military types have seen fit to write a threatening letter to Scotland's First Minister.Where have these people been for the last two years? Why are they talking about negotiations on currency etc. being "complex and difficult" when the UK Government has already ruled out negotiations? Well, … Continue reading Hot air from blimps

Mystery Ministers and Jerking Knees

Knee jerkIt doesn't take much to get some knees jerking!A piece by Nicholas Watt in The Guardian (Independent Scotland 'may keep pound' to ensure stability) has prompted a wee storm of speculation and a flurry of conspiracy theories.What is the identity of the "Mystery Minister" who has spilled the beans on the British parties' posturing … Continue reading Mystery Ministers and Jerking Knees

2013: The year of fear

I don't think it is any exaggeration to say that 2013 has been the year of fear. We have been subjected to a relentless campaign of grinding negativity from the British parties in Scotland, from the UK Government and, of course, from the aptly named Project Fear itself. The almost exclusively union-supporting media have regaled … Continue reading 2013: The year of fear

Independence: Day One not Year Zero

March 2016: Doomsday for Scotland?The campaign to deny Scotland the normal constitutional status of a sovereign nation is inherently illogical. Independence is the default status of nations. It simply makes no sense to claim, as British nationalists do, that independence must be argued for. That a case must be made in order to establish that … Continue reading Independence: Day One not Year Zero