Must the show go on and on and…?

While I am surprised by neither I am less irked by the British establishment's effort to forge new shackles for Scotland than by the posturing indignation of SNP and SGP politicians (Plan to give unelected Lords greater powers over Holyrood bills draws ire). The expressions of shocked outrage at something so readily foreseen is as … Continue reading Must the show go on and on and…?

Mindset and language

Christian Matheson MP (British Labour) was right when he points out that what matters here is the fact that it was SNP politicians who used used the phrase. He wasn't right in the way he thought when he leapt to the aid of his fellow British Nationalists on the Tory benches. But there is an accidental truth in his remark. Not that it was the SNP that said it. But that this is what matters.

George Osborne tells the truth!

Mr Russell is correct about the British government denying the people of Scotland our "basic democratic rights". But it is Section 30 of the Scotland Act which legitimises this denial with authority derived from the Union. He is correct when he observes that this denial of our right of self-determination is "illegal under international law". But Section 30 makes it legal under British law. NICOLA STURGEON SAYS THAT SECTION 30 IS THE ONLY PROCESS WHICH IS "LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL"

It’s just a game

It is a regrettable fact of life that before commenting on anything in the British media one must first check for accuracy. Standards of journalism are so abysmally low that factual errors are common. This article in the Sunday Herald, for example, refers to Kirsty Blackman MP as "the SNP's deputy leader". She is, in … Continue reading It’s just a game