Power from the people

Language matters! When discussing important topics, it is important to get the terminology right. For politicians, language matters because they may be speaking for their party or for the government or even for the country. Look at the way the common idiomatic expression 'once in a generation' came back to bite bums. Language matters because … Continue reading Power from the people

Hypocrisy and other shite

C'mon! Be honest! Did you ever imagine yourself saying of anything uttered by Alex Cole-Hamilton, Jackie Baillie and/or Murdo Fraser, they've got a point?Holyrood committee chief faces rebellion over Alex Salmond inquiry I started my day with the above comment on a report in The National about the three individuals named objecting to Linda Fabiani … Continue reading Hypocrisy and other shite

No Damascene conversion

I note both Jeremy Corbyn and Jacob Rees-Mogg claiming that the people of the UK are sovereign. Corbyn refers to "the people in whom the sovereignty rests", while Rees-Mogg appears to acknowledge the people as the source of all legitimate political authority when he say "sovereignty comes from the people to parliament". This is interesting … Continue reading No Damascene conversion

Sovereign is as sovereign does

We hold this truth to be self-evident; that the people of Scotland are sovereign. That the people alone are the source of legitimate political authority. That the people are the final arbiters of all public policy. This is the starting point for any discussion of the process by which Scotland's rightful constitutional status is to … Continue reading Sovereign is as sovereign does