Don’t confuse the mob!

I can think of one very good reason for the SNP's voting strategy recommendation - simplicity. The electorate is stupid. Every individual voter might be a genius, but the electorate would still be stupid. Or to be more precise, political campaigns have to assume that the electorate is stupid. Because their message has to be … Continue reading Don’t confuse the mob!

Beware of lying SNP apologists

It is hardly uncommon these days to encounter SNP apologists on social media and in the below-the-line comments facility on The National's website. For the most part, these are evidently rather unintelligent individuals capable only of the standard #WheeshtForIndy drivel calling critics of their party liars, traitors, closet Unionists, MI5 agents or whatever. Occasionally, however, … Continue reading Beware of lying SNP apologists

We and we alone!

Whoever wrote the headline on George Kerevan's column in The National today (Cost of living horrors should be launchpad for fresh Yes push) did the man no favours. A headline suggesting a "fresh Yes push" as a reaction to the "cost of living horrors" sits uncomfortably with an article in which George is highly critical … Continue reading We and we alone!

The binding

Nicola Sturgeon insists that the process - which she has yet to identify - by which Scotland's independence is restored must be "legal and constitutional". Her view appears to be that the international community is eager to avoid recognising Scotland's status as an independent nation and that they will therefore seize on any excuse to … Continue reading The binding