Three of the best

Once again, SNP members have been faced with the difficult task of choosing among candidates of the highest calibre. Whoever wins, the contest has proved yet again that the SNP has a wealth of talent at its disposal. It has also demonstrated the strength of the party's internal democracy. The manner in which these contests … Continue reading Three of the best

This time it’s urgent!

I'm not about to get into discussing the merits of candidates for the SNP Depute Leader job. It's far too early for that. Although the fact that nominations aren't even open yet hasn't prevented some people making up their minds and the media declaring at least two 'favourites' - neither of whom has declared their … Continue reading This time it’s urgent!

Sword at the throat

The SNP Depute Leader election is showing signs of being sucked into the unseemly sink of media hype, ill-informed speculation and malicious rumour-mongering that commonly characterises such contests in the cesspit of British party politics. Which would be a great pity. One of the strategies adopted by the British state‚Äôs propaganda machine is to portray … Continue reading Sword at the throat

It’s just a game

It is a regrettable fact of life that before commenting on anything in the British media one must first check for accuracy. Standards of journalism are so abysmally low that factual errors are common. This article in the Sunday Herald, for example, refers to Kirsty Blackman MP as "the SNP's deputy leader". She is, in … Continue reading It’s just a game