The other UDI

For many years now - since long before the first independence referendum - I have been warning that the ultimate aim of the British state is to lock Scotland into a 'reformed' Union, unilaterally altered and imposed on Scotland without consultation or consent. A Spanish-style constitution which proclaims the UK to be a single nation … Continue reading The other UDI

To be a nation again!

Surely the obvious conclusion from Richard Walker's analysis is that the Section 30 route is dead. Even setting aside objections on the grounds that requesting a Section 30 order compromises the sovereignty of the Scottish people and quite apart from the fact that the Section 30 process gifts the British political elite legitimised power to … Continue reading To be a nation again!

We, the people?

Making her statement to the Scottish Parliament yesterday setting out the SNP+SGP/Scottish Government's proposed 'routemap' to a new independence referendum, Nicola Sturgeon quoted the redoubtable Canon Kenyon Wright speaking as Convener of the Scottish Constitutional Convention on the subject of Scotland's Claim of Right said, What if that other voice we all know so well … Continue reading We, the people?

Looking at the options

We frequently see it claimed that a Section 30 order is merely an agreement that Westminster will respect the result of the vote. We also see it asserted that there are viable options other than the Section 30 process. What I have termed 'cunning plans'. The most commonly cited of these cunning plans are Dissolve … Continue reading Looking at the options

Where’s the substance?

Yet again Sturgeon is long on "bullish" rhetoric but damnably short of substance (Indyref2 WILL be held with or without Section 30 order, Nicola Sturgeon pledges). What is stopping her from telling us now what she intends to do if a Section 30 order is refused? How will she guarantee a referendum which stands as … Continue reading Where’s the substance?

There is no ‘Great Secret Plan’

As I have explained countless times for the benefit of the politically naive, there cannot be a secret plan. For such a thing to be possible Nicola Sturgeon would need to have a near-infinite number of options some of which only she can identify. That's not how it is in the real world. In the … Continue reading There is no ‘Great Secret Plan’

Immediately eventually

On the constitutional issue, there are two statements in the Alba Party local election manifesto. There is the claim that "Only ALBA is prioritising Independence in this Election". I suspect the First Minister would dispute this. Once again, Nicola Sturgeon is making all the by now mind-numbingly familiar noises about independence and a new referendum. … Continue reading Immediately eventually

Somewhere under the greynbow

The somewhere was Dunfermline. Greynbow is my agonisingly contrived but even more painfully appropriate term for the assortment of speakers assembled to address a gathering of independence supporters and activists at the Duloch Leisure Centre yesterday afternoon (Sunday 10 April). All credit to the organisers, they did well to get these people to share a … Continue reading Somewhere under the greynbow

Beware of lying SNP apologists

It is hardly uncommon these days to encounter SNP apologists on social media and in the below-the-line comments facility on The National's website. For the most part, these are evidently rather unintelligent individuals capable only of the standard #WheeshtForIndy drivel calling critics of their party liars, traitors, closet Unionists, MI5 agents or whatever. Occasionally, however, … Continue reading Beware of lying SNP apologists