A BritNat referendum?

I doubt very much whether there are any senior 'Scottish' Tories who "now back indyref2". It may well be that there are many senior 'Sottish' Tories who believe it necessary to rethink the arid and blatantly anti-democratic denial of Scotland's right of self-determination which characterised Ruth Davidson's reign as Queen of the BritNats. Which was, … Continue reading A BritNat referendum?

A suitable candidate?

The British parties are not relevant to Scotland. It doesn't matter who gets to sit in the comfy chair, they are irrelevant. They are not part of Scotland's politics. They are outside interference. British politicians squat in the Scottish Parliament like malignant, malicious cuckoos. They are interlopers intent on disrespecting, denigrating and ultimately destroying the … Continue reading A suitable candidate?

Good Tory! Bad Tory!

The notion of David Mundell being concerned about treating the people of Scotland with fairness is, of course, risible. While he can hardly be held personally responsible for the preceding three centuries, there can be be no bout that Mundell has played a key role in the British Nationalist 'One Nation' project in recent years. … Continue reading Good Tory! Bad Tory!