Not content!

Articles in The National such as that proclaiming REVEALED: The number of civil servants working on independence referendum planning are like the bell Pavlov used to elicit a predictable response from his laboratory animals. The SNP loyalists will clap and cheer and never for even the briefest moment pause to question any of it. They … Continue reading Not content!

A mire of fantasy

Contrary to an assertion made in an exchange on Facebook, it is surpassingly easy to "judge the idea of Alba". Once you rid yourself of the fantasy politics and deal with the reality, that is. It's only clinging to the fantasy that prevents someone seeing that reality. And, perhaps more importantly, recognising and accepting the … Continue reading A mire of fantasy

What are you prepared to do?

I detect a decidedly dismissive tone in reports of and comments on Douglas Ross's 'big speech' to the wee bit of the British Conservative & Unionist Party (BCUP) to which he was permitted access. Which is understandable. Ross would require a miraculous makeover just to make the grade as a nonentity. There are many ways … Continue reading What are you prepared to do?