Don’t tell me what I think

It's a tricky time for British nationalist drivelbots such as David Torrance (Why small differences are crucial when politicians are fighting for supremacy). Their natural inclination to deride and derogate the largest and most popular political party in Scotland has to be curbed in favour of the hysterical propaganda line that the SNP are a … Continue reading Don’t tell me what I think

Sacrificing Scotland

David Cameron: British patriotism trumps Scottish patriotismDavid Cameron insists that it is not anti-Scottish to reject independence and vote to stay within the UK. But is that true?Can it be in Scotland's interests to vote against the sovereignty of Scotland's people?Can it be in Scotland's interests to vote against Scotland having the normal constitutional status … Continue reading Sacrificing Scotland

The constitutional nub

Freedom Alone (Photo credit: Martin Burns)Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has unveiled the draft Scottish Independence Bill and plans for a full public consultation on a written constitution for Scotland.This is the sort of thing that causes unionists most discomfort. They can hope to deceive at least some people with their talk of "more powers", … Continue reading The constitutional nub

Dear George

George Robertson (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A wee note to Lord George Robertson in response to his piece in Scottish Review.Calm down, George! Nobody is trying to shout you down. People are criticising your overblown rhetoric. People are mocking your "Prepare To Meet Thy Doom" shtick. But nobody is trying to shout you down. You yourself claim … Continue reading Dear George

Hot air from blimps

Colonel Blimp (Photo credit: psd)Apparently, a bunch of mothballed military types have seen fit to write a threatening letter to Scotland's First Minister.Where have these people been for the last two years? Why are they talking about negotiations on currency etc. being "complex and difficult" when the UK Government has already ruled out negotiations? Well, … Continue reading Hot air from blimps

The Cybernat Diversion

CyberBrit abuse?Project Fear's tactics are not subtle. It's propaganda techniques are pretty crude. The very phrase, "Better Together" is an example of a propaganda technique known as the "Glittering generality". It is a phrase which has a certain primitive emotional appeal but which is ultimately devoid of content. It doesn't represent anything real or present … Continue reading The Cybernat Diversion

Blind to the obvious

Every once in a while the behaviour of the Better Together mob is so infantile that one just can't help being embarrassed on their behalf. A report in yesterday's Herald was one of those occasions (No campaign pounces over MP's claim on currency union). We all know that Blair McDougall and his maudlin minions are … Continue reading Blind to the obvious

The referendum is about us

The following is a transcript of a speech I presented at Yes Dundee's Yes Cafe in Roseangle Art Gallery, Dundee on Saturday 1 March 2014.Yes DundeeI have been a supporter of independence all of my life. Or, as I prefer to put it, an advocate of restoring Scotland's rightful constitutional status.I put it that way … Continue reading The referendum is about us