The blinkered Brit

What David Mundell needs to learn is that his inability to comprehend something doesn't necessarily make it "odd". The problem may well not be with the concept that is perplexing him, but with his own intellectual capacities.Mundell's comments suggest that he makes no distinction between the UK and the EU. Both are political unions. Therefore, … Continue reading The blinkered Brit

EU referendum is not Scotland’s fight

It should hardly be necessary to advise people not to be influenced by anything David Cameron says. Many people in Scotland may be tempted to vote Out because they believe what Cameron says about this making independence more likely. Those people need to pause for thought.They need to reflect on the fact that they are … Continue reading EU referendum is not Scotland’s fight

What’s in a headline?

Neither Lord Kerslake nor Lord O'Donnell speak for the SNP administration. The inferences that they chose to draw from the Scottish Government's efforts to work with the British Civil Service may be of passing academic interests. But their very personal take on things hardly warrants a headline. Especially when that opinion is unambiguously contradicted by … Continue reading What’s in a headline?

No negativity

Having read the headline over Iain Macwhirter's article in the Herald, I scoured what followed looking for some statement from Nicola Sturgeon quoted as evidence that the SNP is backing a "negative pro-EU campaign". I wasn't disappointed. But only because I knew better than to expect one. Instead of something - anything! - to justify … Continue reading No negativity

Do we need an alternative to the alternative media?

This piece from Wee Ginger Dug is by no means the first article I've come across that seeks to minimise the debate around the issue of 'tactical' voting and disparage those who actually understand what that debate is about. No doubt this patronising mocking of pro-independence activists will delight those "Yooneristas" every bit as much … Continue reading Do we need an alternative to the alternative media?

Quality journalism? Still but a Christmas wish!

In his usual shallow, blinkered fashion David Torrance acknowledges that the media in Scotland is generally regarded with a profound contempt which, if novel at all, is so only in terms of a more widespread readiness to express that contempt. Being blinkered and shallow, Torrance doesn't trouble himself unduly with the matter of why journalists … Continue reading Quality journalism? Still but a Christmas wish!

A “Pick ‘n’ Mix” Parliament?

There are a number of problems with the notion of orchestrating voters in order to create a "Pick 'n' Mix" parliament. Others have tackled the psephological aspects. I would suggest that not the least of the problems is illustrated by the lack of any consensus about outcomes. It seems form ll of this that, even … Continue reading A “Pick ‘n’ Mix” Parliament?

Wee bairns and big bairns

I see snivelling Gordon Rayner (left), Chief Reporter at The Telegraph, is having himself a wee petulant tantrum* because everybody in Scotland didn't drape themselves in a union jack and take to the streets in a Dervish-dance of transported joy to celebrate the birth of another bairn destined for a life of unearned privilege and … Continue reading Wee bairns and big bairns