St Andrew’s Day March for Independence

One of the more cheering developments of the past decade is the greater prominence now being given to Scotland’s official national day – St Andrew’s Day. It’s the day of the year – 30 November – set aside for a celebration of all that is Scotland and all that Scotland is. A celebration in which … Continue reading St Andrew’s Day March for Independence

A general derangement

Marching through Glasgow last Saturday afternoon with several hundred other Yes folk I got my first real sighting of the anti-vaxxer, anti-lockdown, anti-[what do you have?] mob. What a dubious treat that was! I think the march - organised and very effectively managed by Scottish Independence Movement(SIM) - had got as far as Saltmarket or … Continue reading A general derangement

Making waves

Scotland's cause needs the SNP. That's just cold, hard realpolitik denied only by self-indulgent fantasists. But if we need the SNP we need the SNP to be fit for our purpose. That it presently isn't is all to apparent. In part because of its reluctance to make the commitment required of it ahead of the 2021 Scottish Party election. Partly on account of the party's internal troubles. While the former is a matter for the Yes movement as a whole, the latter is entirely a matter for SNP members.