No body! No voice! No power!

There seems to be some kind of 'rule' in Scotland's independence movement that everything has to be done at least two years after it should have been done. In terms of a national campaigning organisation, that would be at least five years late. I wish the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) success. But as very much … Continue reading No body! No voice! No power!

Yes boss

Behold! The latest attempt to set up the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) as the 'official' umbrella group for the Yes movement. All credit to Common Weal director Robin MacAlpine for his persistence. Congratulations also go to Max Wiesznewski (formerly of Common Weal), who seems to be in charge of this scheme to impose a management … Continue reading Yes boss

The SNP needs a jolt of Yes energy

That was all going swimmingly... until the final paragraph. Lesley Riddoch's analysis of the BBC's "problem of properly representing Scotland" is, as we would expect, accurate and insightful. Although I would suggest that, given the corporation's remit to preserve the integrity of the UK, the question is, not so much whether senior BBC managers can … Continue reading The SNP needs a jolt of Yes energy