Divided by hope

These two giants of Scottish politics divide the independence movement because each is a repository of hope. Hope is the common factor here. Desperate hope. Quite possibly delusional hope. Hope that is no more than a dully glowing ember. Hope that still burns with a bright flame. Hope for the dream that will never die - but which can all to easily be thwarted by disunity, disharmony and despair.

A glorious U-turn!

It's easy enough for me to criticise Nicola Sturgeon's approach to the constitutional issue. I have neither position nor status in the SNP. I have nothing to lose by asking the awkward questions about the Scottish Government's strategy. I am free to think the unthinkable and say the things that many would prefer were left unsaid. My first loyalty is to Scotland's cause, not to any political party or leader.

Too timid to win?

Ruth Wishart asks, "does hesitancy now really help the cause?", and rightly concludes that it does not. But what of hesitancy's sibling, timidity? Ms Wishart neglects to ask whether or how the cause of restoring Scotland's might be served by approaching the project with anything less than total commitment and absolute determination. Having decided that … Continue reading Too timid to win?