Feet of clay

Richard Walker is deservedly respected as a journalist and as one of the leading figures responsible for the launch of The National and Sunday National. I know a lot of people find fault with these newspapers. But whatever their flaws, they provide a mainstream media platform for Scotland's cause. The value of this is inestimable. … Continue reading Feet of clay

Double the thinking! Half the sense!

In common with innumerable other commentators, Richard Walker portrays the British government as having no respect for democracy. He is, of course, perfectly justified in doing so. The catalogue of reasons for stating that the British government has no regard for democratic principles and that the latest iteration of British Nationalism is overtly anti-democratic, need … Continue reading Double the thinking! Half the sense!

Blurring the picture

Again! The 'recruiting sergeant' myth trotted out with casual disregard for the facts. There is no measurable recruiting sergeant effect. We have gone through a period since the 2014 referendum when those supposed recruiting sergeants for Scotland's cause have been working very hard indeed. Quite remarkably hard, in fact. And what has been the product … Continue reading Blurring the picture

Dissenting voices and cloth ears

I like to think of myself as one of the 'Yes bloggers' hated with such spittle-flecked fervour by the likes of Pete Wishart. I reckon I can fairly claim to be a dissenting voice within Scotland's independence movement. I would never presume to be representative of all dissent within the Yes movement. I speak only … Continue reading Dissenting voices and cloth ears

The rosy view – with added glitter!

I take it that headline was intended to be ironic. The only complacency I see here is coming from Richard Walker. And it's coming in huge, all-engulfing, sense-swamping, reality-defying, panglossian waves. As I read Richard's column I found myself trying to figure out whether it reveals his own personal take on the situation; or whether … Continue reading The rosy view – with added glitter!

Are attitudes changing?

The best arguments for independence are those based on the positive advantages it would bring and the natural resources we have which would allow us to thrive, prosper and redistribute our wealth more fairly.Richard Walker: Divergent politics with England is just one reason for independence That has long been the assumption. But all assumptions should … Continue reading Are attitudes changing?