Reasons to be cheerless

Congratulations are due to The National for managing to eschew purple prose of the 'soaring' variety in its latest report on polling for Scottish independence. The article continues to peddle the SNP/Scottish Government line that support for Yes is increasing. But on this occasion The National only goes as far as describing the polling results … Continue reading Reasons to be cheerless

All pain and no gain!

Alyn Smith MP would have to talk a huge amount of sense about the constitutional issue to get his credibility account back in the black after his oft-repeated inanity about Scotland never having been closer to independence. His column in The National today doesn't even make a dent in his overdraft. Admittedly, he is not … Continue reading All pain and no gain!

Old story or new

The only reason the polls aren't higher is Nicola Sturgeon's failure to take advantage of these circumstances. It is a failure of strategic political thinking stupefying in its self-serving stupidity. A series of appalling misjudgements - such as committing to the Section 30 process and choosing to fight Brexit rather than the Union - has left the independence movement in disarray and Scotland's cause in a precarious state.

Lost in space

What has changed about the "dynamic of the constitutional conversation"? Alyn Smith and others were claiming we'd "never been closer to independence" on the basis of polling support considerably lower than that indicated by recent research. By that reckoning we should have soared - or surged - past independence by now. I'm not sure where that would take us.

Inappropriate language

Of course it would be "unacceptable" for the British government to "block Scotland’s democratic right to choose"! But it would be more than that. It would be wrong! In every sense of the word, it would be wrong! Even to attempt to deny the fundamental democratic right of self-determination is wrong. It cannot be right. It cannot rightfully be done.