Every little thing they do

Could this be the deceptively thin but darkly portentous end of a metaphorical wedge? We know that the British political elite are motivated to seek, contrive and exploit every opportunity to undermine the Scottish Government. Devolution itself, initially intended as a device to kill the cause of independence "stone dead", latterly has been reshaped as … Continue reading Every little thing they do

Stirring it up

I see the normally quite sensible Iain Macwhirter is getting his boxers in a brouhaha about Police Scotland. We have to assume he isn't aiming for measured tones when he declares that Scotland's police service "seems to have abandoned any concept of natural justice". Or when he accuses Police Scotland of "institutional dysfunctionality". And when he likens Scottish … Continue reading Stirring it up

Perpetual lies!

Following hard on the heels of the lying headlines from The Herald and The Scotsman, here we have another example of dishonest British establishment propaganda from right-wing rag, The Express, claiming that public confidence in Police Scotland has fallen.Once again, we need only compare the headline with the actual content of the Scottish Crime and … Continue reading Perpetual lies!

Room to fail

Nicola Sturgeon needs to resist the mobSome of our politicians need to familiarise themselves with the concept of "room to fail" (Nicola Sturgeon has ‘full confidence’ in under-fire police chief). If people are expected to perform effectively in roles which require more than just following set procedures and performing routine tasks then it must be … Continue reading Room to fail